Fulfilment by Amazon

Fulfilment by Amazon in Action

Simplify the fulfilment process by letting Amazon store, pick, pack and deliver your items. Merchants are taking advantage of this powerful tool to help their businesses succeed. Sign up today and see how Fulfilment by Amazon can increase your sales.

“We were able to cut cost as FBA deals with everything for us including customer returns,which are being handled just fine by Amazon. As a result we are able to save five hours per week, which gives us time to add even more products to our offering.”

Sam Haysom

Founder Haysom

“FBA is ideal for our needs because it saves us a lot of time that can be better expended on market research, generating and purchasing new products, extending our range etc. Let’s face it, these are vital prerequisites of future growth – on all channels.”

Michael Hönle

Managing Director of Wimax, also known as Mundo del Arte Gmbh

“FBA has likely been the best business decision we made in 2009—Sales are up and growing our business further is a very achievable goal”

Simon Mott

co founder and owner of Economic Comics

“Amazon currently contributes almost 50 percent of our sales volume with FBA slowly growing to increase this figure. Year on year, our Amazon sales are significantly higher, and we will beat last year’s total sales figure within the first nine months of this financial year.”

Dave Solomon

Founder and Managing Director DST (UK) Ltd

“Fulfilment by Amazon is well conceived and very clear. Amazon provided us with a good explanation of how it works. The programme is very easy to use. Since becoming an FBA merchant, Cinereplicas has been able to increase its turnover by 50 percent!”

Fabrice Bensoussan

Managing Director of Cinereplicas

“Our clients place an incredible amount of trust in Amazon. They can rely on their FBA goods arriving the next day if they order express delivery or within two days at the latest if they choose one of the other delivery options. With all other platforms, it takes a lot longer to transfer the money and arrange the delivery. The name Amazon automatically increases customer satisfaction.”

Pero Vrdoljak

Owner of Empressia.

"Amazon is our strongest channel with more than 69 percent of our business and the largest growth in the last year.

We didn’t anticipate the customer service element of FBA. We put a low tariff on it until we saw how quickly FBA customer service handled issues with our Amazon orders at peak periods. Customer service was a big advantage to us during our huge growth in December.

With the flexibility of FBA, I can now buy inventory at a time during the year that it is discounted. I can shrink and grow my inventory at any time, flexing up and down during on and off peak seasonality. Amazon is our favorite channel and Fulfilment by Amazon has enabled us to continue to meet our increase in sales. We plan to continue the strong relationship."

Mark Senior

Founder and Owner of gamesbuyer.co.uk

“Amazon enjoys an excellent reputation with German consumers. Despite this, the success of the partnership took us completely by surprise. Our sales with Amazon rocketed. All in all, business transactions are far less complicated than with alternative channels.

Fulfilment by Amazon relieves us of several tasks that other people can get done better. Our model is still the same but the door has been opened to new business opportunities.”

René Kräupziger

Owner and Managing Director of 101Shirts

“Internet merchants never have a minute to spare because business in the twenty-first century is a 24/7 affair. Since joining FBA, I not only have more free time—I can also make better use of it for strategic buying, establishing contacts with new vendors, and sounding out sales opportunities in other countries, and so on.

Although we were highly automated, we had reached the limits of our capacity at close to three hundred parcels a day. Now they are packed for us by Amazon before I even get out of bed. For sellers who still do the majority of their outward handling manually, FBA is probably an extremely attractive proposition even with much smaller volumes than ours.

The price structure is so cheap that at first I found it difficult to believe. I had to telephone Support to get confirmation. If customers see that Radio Wolf ships via Amazon, they are more likely to order because they trust Amazon’s logistics. This is a clear competitive advantage.”

Bruno Wirth

General Manager Radio Wolf

“I recorded a 40 percent increase in sales in October 2009 compared with the same period last year.”

Élise Phelippeau

founder of Un Monde Ludique