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Enable customers to customise, personalise or configure the perfect product, all with the Amazon Custom feature set.
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Amazon Custom is a store on, where shoppers go to customise your products with their text, images/logos or from a list of options that you provide. Custom products are cross-listed in our store as well as in your specified department.
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Register to get the Custom feature set applied to your Professional Sellers account.

If you are an individual seller, you will need to upgrade your account and become a Professional Seller before registering for the feature set.
Becoming a Seller
Interested in selling on Amazon? Apply to become a Professional Seller and once you are setup, come back to register for Custom.

If you're looking for information about protecting your brand, please visit Brand Registry.

Available Customisation Options

Amazon Custom supports the three customisation types shown below - text, image, and product configuration. If you are able to fulfil orders these customisation types, register today and start selling custom products with Amazon

Text Customisation

Text customisation allows customers to add text to your products using colour and font options you've specified within Seller Central. This option can be used for engraving, embroidery, printing, painting and more.

Image Customisation

Image customisation enables customers to customise your product by uploading their own image as well as includes the ability for the customer to add text to display on the image.

Product Configuration

Product configuration or "list of options" enables you to create a series of drop-down options through Seller Central that customers can use to build their own product. This feature also enables you to charge an additional fee for select customisation options.

How it works


Register to join

Register to join. You will then be sent to our online application within Seller Central.


Enable your listings

Once your account is registered for Amazon Custom, you'll be given access to enable your product listings for customisation.


Set up your experience

Using our listing tool within Seller Central, start configuring your customisation experiences.


Start Selling

With your custom products now live, reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long after I apply will I be notified of approval?
Approvals are typically sent within 1 hour via email with links to help get you started. If you're not accepted, you will be notified upon submitting the application.

2. I am not a Professional Seller, can I still join Amazon Custom?

It is required that you are a Professional Seller in order to sell using Amazon Custom, unless you listing with Handmade.

3. Can I use FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) to fulfil my custom orders?

Due to the customisation aspect of these products, all orders must be fulfiled by you, the Seller. FBA is currently unavailable for customised products.

4. Can I list in any category?

You may list custom products in any category in which you are authorised to sell. However, custom products are currently unavailable in media categories and cannot be used on personal computers, laptops, computer towers, tablets or on video consoles. For more information about the restrictions, please refer to the Prohibited seller activities and actions page.

5. What are the costs associated with using Amazon Custom?

Our current set of features are free, however, as new features come out, charges may apply. Normal Amazon monthly subscription fees and selling fees will still apply, while using Amazon Custom. For more information on fees, see Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

6. How will shoppers discover my custom products?

Custom products are treated like any other listings at Amazon, so discovery is no different. There is currently a dedicated storefront for custom products, but if you are looking to increase exposure to your products, consider taking advantage of Sponsored Products.

7. Can I use Amazon Custom to personalise products for businesses with their logo?

Yes, our image customisation feature is a great way for businesses to design a product with their logo.

8. How many different customisations am I able to offer the custom?

With product configurator, we currently offer 3 surfaces with 5 customisations per surface, with 100 options. Text personalisation can be used with product configurator; however image personalisation cannot. For image customisation, there can only be one image per surface and up to 3 surfaces. We also offer galleries for you to upload you images, it supports up to 10 categories, with up to 100 images per category.

9. Where can I go to learn more about setting up the customisation experience?

You can get started with our main Custom Products help page in Seller Central.

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