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Become a Seller on AmazonFresh Local Shops & Markets

AmazonFresh Local Shops & Markets gives you the opportunity to offer your products to Amazon Prime customers as part of their weekly grocery shop on AmazonFresh. We work with London's finest bakers, butchers, fishmongers, specialty food stores and wine merchants and deliver their products to Amazon customers alongside their normal weekly grocery shop.

As a seller, you're in complete control of your business and have access to a host of benefits to help spread your unique story to AmazonFresh customers. Read more about the business below - and apply today!

Ready to Sell on AmazonFresh?

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Benefits of selling your products on AmazonFresh

Increase Your Customer Base

Access to Amazon Prime customers, who can purchase your product as part of their weekly grocery shop on AmazonFresh.

Custom Built Marketing

A bespoke storefront to showcase your products, the opportunity talk to customers about your story, and entice them with product and lifestyle images. You also benefit from a marketing package tailored to help boost your sales.

Let us do the work for you

Delivery is easy, with Amazon-provided packaging and convenient drop off locations.

Need Help?

You'll benefit from dedicated account support, including a library of helpful training material at your fingertips.

Customer Focus

You won't need to worry about customer questions or complaints - all queries will be handled by Amazon's award-winning customer service teams.

Fees Made Simple

AmazonFresh has waived it's monthly fees, so you'll only pay a per unit fee on what you sell.

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How Selling on AmazonFresh Works


You list products in your bespoke online shop, with full control of prices and inventory.


You receive daily order lists which you pack into Amazon provided totes.


Amazon will pick up your products from a convenient drop-off point near you.


Customers receive your product same-day or next-day, delivered by Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions


Customers can buy a wide range of products from Local Shops & Markets to add as part of their weekly shopping baskets. Customers are looking for a point of difference, or an interesting story behind these products, and something that they can't find on a standard supermarket shelf. Products sold on Local Shops & Markets can be made locally, with traditional or artisanal methods, by smaller or independent producers. 

Any type of food or beverage that complies with all UK and EU legislation will be considered. As we deliver same-day or next day, we can handle products with short shelf life. 



There are a few steps you'll go through; first your credentials will be reviewed to see if you are eligible to sell on AmazonFresh. You'll then create a seller account, and go through our food safety process. Next you'll list your products to sell, and provide us with some marketing assets so that your online storefront can be built. Lastly, you will be provided with some training and give you an opportunity to practice selling before your online shop goes live on AmazonFresh.



You'll also need to be a registered company, with all manufacturing sites registered with your local authority. 


It's your responsibility to comply to all relevant UK and EU legislation. Before selling any products, you'll go through the AmazonFresh Food Safety process. Your credentials will be checked using the information you provide, and you may be requested to accommodate a visit from an AmazonFresh Food Safety inspector before beginning to sell on AmazonFresh.


Creating a seller account is completely free. You'll only be charged per unit fees on the items you sell.


If you submit an application using our online form above, you will be contacted if your business could be right for Local Shops & Markets at this time.