Fulfilment Network Expansion (Central Europe Programme)

Fee update and 2016 Tax Services Promotion

You are eligible for a Tax Services Promotion

Ensure an excellent delivery experience for your customers with the Fulfilment Network Expansion (Central Europe Programme) .


You can now use Amazon’s entire network in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic for storing your FBA inventory that would otherwise only be placed in Germany.

If you choose not to authorize Amazon to store and process your German FBA inventory in Amazon’s fulfilment network, including Poland, and the Czech Republic, you will be charged an additional € 0.25 of Fulfilment Fee per FBA unit shipped from German fulfilment centres, starting on July 19, 2016.

Important: Storing inventory in Poland and the Czech Republic will trigger VAT obligations for your business and may trigger other reporting requirements such, as Intrastat.

Tax services with reduced rates offered to Amazon Sellers by External Tax Advisor

Amazon negotiated discounted rates for Amazon sellers with external tax advisors (KPMG Global Services Hungary Ltd).  The rates apply to VAT registrations and filings for Poland and the Czech Republic, featuring:

  1. Easy five step processes with KPMG for both VAT registration and reporting services.
  2. Dedicated support by KPMG account managers.
  3. Response time SLA of 24 hours, dedicated hotline and comprehensive FAQs.
  4. Different tax services packages offered with rates starting at €750 per country (up to 75% cheaper when compared to standard market prices).

Do you want to join the Fulfilment Network Expansion (Central Europe Programme)?

To authorize Amazon to store your FBA German inventory also in Poland and the Czech Republic, please review and accept the terms and condition.

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