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Manage all five EU marketplaces on one account

  • Your pro membership grants you access to all five European marketplaces. You can manage all five of these marketplaces using just one interface, Seller Central Europe. Here you can finalise account settings, create listings, view orders and check on payments to your bank account. To get paid you need to set a deposit bank account for each marketplace. If you use an account in British Pounds for payments from a Euro marketplace, we can exchange the currency for you.
  • You can switch between the marketplaces in Seller Central by using the marketplace switcher. Be sure to utilise this feature for messages and shipping settings. When checking your inbox, remember you need to switch marketplaces to see messages from foreign customers. We recommend replying within 24 hours to keep your account healthy. You also need to switch marketplaces to verify the shipping cost for each marketplace. Don't forget, with the language switcher you can change all pages in Seller Central to English.

Create your product offers on, your home marketplace, here:

Let Build International Listings do the work for you

  • The Build International Listings tool is one of the key features accessible for free for sellers with a PRO account. How does it work? When you list a product on your home marketplace, Build International Listings automatically creates an offering for that product on the other EU marketplaces also, enabling you to expand your business across Europe with minimal effort. Further to this, the tool monitors exchange rate fluctuations to adjust offer pricing taking much of the complexity, cost, and effort out of managing your international offers.
  • By default your product prices will be converted to an equivalent price in Euros. If you want to increase your prices in foreign marketplaces (e.g. to adjust for higher shipping costs) you can change the price rules and either add a percentage or a fixed amount to the price on your source marketplace. Try to stay competitive on all marketplaces to maximise your sales opportunities.
  • Review your settings and ensure your connections to the other marketplaces are active by clicking the button below. If they are active your will see the message "All available marketplaces are synchronised with your source marketplace" in the bottom right hand corner. If you do not see this message, press "Synchronise" next to the marketplaces you would like to connect to.

You can check the status of your connections, change price rules or delete connections at any time here:

Optimise synchronisation using these tools

  • Once you have created listings on, you can go to the Build International Listings tool and download a report to review how many products have synchronised to other marketplaces. Some products are deemed ineligible for automatic synchronisation. For instance, if you created new product listings on for which product details such as the title or product description do not exist in the language of the target marketplaces, they won't synchronise automatically and the report will list “Detail page does not exist” as a reason.
  • However, not to worry, you can easily create these listings manually helping you to improve your sales conversion in other marketplaces. How? You can either translate the product details into the target languages yourself. To do this change the marketplace in Seller Central, then go to “inventory”, and the "add a product”. You can find external service providers that can do it for you by clicking below. Alternatively use our service Translate Your Products. This is a new service which enables the creation of your product offers in other European marketplaces by having your product titles and descriptions translated to specified languages.

Localise your product listings here:

Let us help you go international

  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) helps you grow your business in the UK and across Europe when you sell on Amazon and through other sales channels. FBA gives you access to Amazon’s world-class logistics resources. Fast, free delivery options for your products, and trusted and acclaimed customer service in the local language. Send your choice of products to an Amazon fulfilment center and we’ll store your inventory, pick, pack and ship it EU-wide when your customers order.
  • If your products sell on one of the four European marketplaces your products will be delivered via Amazon’s European Fulfilment Network (EFN), note that additional fees apply. To ensure even faster delivery for your most successful products you can send some inventory directly to a fulfilment centre of the respective international marketplace (like France for – we call that Multi Country Inventory (MCI).

Let Amazon handle your shipping now: