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Optimize your inventory management

1. Add some (or all!) of your inventory into Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) FBA helps you grow your Handmade business by giving you access to Amazon’s world-class fulfilment resources and expertise, acclaimed customer service, and trusted fast, free shipping options.

Check out our Resources for Getting Started with FBA, including an Introduction to FBA Features & Benefits (bonus How FBA Works Video) and step-by-step instructions!

Step 1: Enroll and Get Started with FBA
Step 2: Select products and convert your listings to be Fulfilled by Amazon
Step 3: Prepare, Label, and Pack your Products
Step 4: Send your Products to a Fulfilment Centre

Fulfilment by Amazon FAQs: o Understand FBA Fees and Pricing: FBA Fee Overview, FBA Revenue Calculator, and How to preview your fees
o Learn more about FBA Customer Orders: How to Fulfill FBA Customer Orders and Customer Inquiries, Feedback and Returns
o Watch some of our tutorial videos! We have videos on FBA Preparation and FBA Packing

Increase visibility and discoverability

1. Test Sponsored Product Ads Watch our Introduction to Sponsored Products to learn more about the program. Sponsored products:
- Boost listing visibility
- Help shoppers discover your products
- Increase your sales with highly relevant products to target customer searches

Sponsored Product FAQs: 1. How do I create my first campaign?
2. What keywords should I use?
3. What should my bid be?
4. How can I access reporting and monitor my performance?
1. Create your first listing. Once you’ve listed a product, you can copy that listing to create a new, similar product in the same category. Time to add your catalog!

2. Creating customized product? See our Tips for Creating Handmade Customisations.

Step 3: Manage your Orders

1. Learn about The Order Process, from a customer order to shipment of the product, and how to Manage Orders, you have a few options depending on the number of orders you receive.

2. After a customer purchases an item, Amazon sends you a notification.

3. Once you receive the notification, you process the order by obtaining a delivery address, printing delivery labels and packing slips, and shipping the order to the buyer.

4. Confirm shipment of the order to the customer.

5. If the buyer has questions, check out our Buyer-Seller Communication FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have more Handmade specific questions, where can I find more resources?
Currently, brands must have a registered trademark to be eligible to join the Brand Registry. The trademark must be a “standard word mark” and the trademark must match the brand name printed on products and/or packaging.

Please note, we currently only accept active word marks that have been issued by government patent and trademark offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. Updates to the Brand Registry eligibility criteria will be posted to this page.
Handmade Help: Handmade specific Help section on Seller Central for all resources you’ll need to get your business up and running.
How can I monitor my performance?
Address Feedback and Monitor performance to maximize your success! You can use the Account Health Dashboard to track customer satisfaction or the Performance Metrics to measure overall business health.
Where can I find more information on Customer Feedback?
How do I handle Customer Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations?
How can I find out more information on payments?
I’m going on Holiday, is there anything I need to do to my account?
If you have a period where you are unable to fulfil orders (for example family emergency or going on holiday), you can change your listing status to Inactive, pausing customer orders, then change back to Active when you return.

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