7% Referral Fee with Handmade at Amazon

We are reducing our referral fees for qualifying Artisans in Europe! Offer ends 31/07/2018.         

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Two Ways to Qualify:

Enroll in Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

Artisans must enroll at minimum 20% of their products in FBA and no fewer than 5 products. We won’t count personalized products as part of the 20% as they are not eligible for FBA at this time.


Sell in three or more European Marketplaces

Artisans must list at minimum 20% of products already listed in their home marketplace (including personalised), in at least two additional European Marketplaces. No fewer than 5 products can be listed in any of the three or more Marketplaces.


*Have more than 100 products?

Don’t worry – Artisans with 100+ products will qualify once a minimum of 20 eligible products are enrolled in FBA or listed across 3 Marketplaces.

How to Enroll in FBA

FBA is Amazon’s hugely popular programme that takes care of your warehousing, shipping, returns and customer communications. Enrolling in FBA also means you earn the Prime badge, which our customers LOVE! FBA is a great way to free up your time to focus on hand-making products and growing your business. To learn more on enrolling in FBA click here.



Listing in Multiple Marketplaces

Selling on multiple marketplaces is also simple! Just log into Seller Central and select ‘Sell in Other Marketplaces’ from the Handmade toolbar. Recreate your Artisan Profile and Product Listings in the selected country. To learn more about listing in multiple marketplaces click here.

Concerned about language skills in other marketplaces? Don’t worry, free online translation tools are a great option to help you write product descriptions and handle customer contacts. You can also check out some additional resources here. You can also speed up the Product listing process by using the Copy to New feature to replicate products in the same marketplace.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which my home marketplace is?

This is the Marketplace which you registered in, and will be one of either the UK, Germany, France, Italy or Spain. You would also have set up your store and products in this country first.


How do I know if I’ve qualified?

We email you the first time you qualify to let you know. If you haven’t received this email it may have gone to your Junk/Spam folder, or perhaps you’ve turned off email notifications in your Seller Central account. You can see if the discount is applied to your sales by logging into Seller Central, selecting the Reports tab, payments, transaction view and click on the blue underlined total value. Please ensure that this is for a Handmade order as the discount only applies to products listed in Handmade. The next page shows how we calculated the Referral Fee (Commission) and you’ll see a line ‘Discount on referral fee’. Still unsure? Get in touch by selecting Help and Contact Us in Seller Central (remember to select 'Selling on Handmade' so you reach the right support team!).


I have just finished adding some more products and now I qualify! When will I start receiving the reduced fee?

Great news! We identify all new Artisans who qualify for the Fee Promotion on or around the 21st of each month. New Artisans are then enrolled and will start receiving the benefit from the 1st of the next month, from 00:01 that day.


I want to list in North America, does that count towards this promotion?

You definitely should sell in North America! We have a similar promotion running in this region, and you can find the details here. However, for this 7% Referral Fee Promotion in Europe, we do not count any of the North American Marketplaces. To qualify, Artisans must enroll in FBA or sell in three Marketplaces in Europe.


I also sell in ‘regular’ Amazon Marketplace, will my Referral Fee be reduced for sales made outside of Handmade?

No, this promotional Referral Fee of 7% will only be applied to sales made on products in the Handmade Marketplace of Amazon.


Once I qualify, how long will I benefit from this promotion?

The promotion is running until 31st July 2018, so you have plenty of time to benefit from it. Artisans will be removed from the promotion if they fail the qualification criteria listed in point after having met it previously. Artisans must ensure they continue to meet the qualification criteria on an ongoing basis and if they fail to do so Handmade at Amazon will notify them by email and action will need to be taken within 30 days to retain the promotional benefit.