Amazon Launch Academy: learn how to get started online with Amazon Stores!

We invite you to attend our Virtual Launch Academy to discover the opportunities of e-commerce with Amazon. It consists of two free live webinars to learn directly from our Amazon Marketplace Services launch experts, on how to sell online in Europe with Amazon. These webinars will run in conjunction with one of UK’s leading champion of small businesses, Small Business Britain.
Webinar 1: Learn how to start an online business with Amazon
Tips from e-commerce experts
Date &Time: Monday, July 6 2020, 11am-12pm BST
Join us to hear from Michelle Ovens MBE, of Small Business Britain, on how selling online is more important than ever, and her personal top tips for getting started as a Selling Partner on the Amazon Stores.
  • Michelle Ovens MBE (Founder of Small Business Britain) - why selling online is more important than ever, and top tips for starting online
  • Getting started with Amazon Marketplace Services - a step by step guide to start selling on the Amazon Stores
  • Your questions, answered - live Q&A with Michelle and our Amazon Marketplace Services experts
Webinar 2: Live panel session – your questions answered by Amazon experts & Special Guest
Date & Time: Wednesday, July 8 2020, 1pm-2pm BST
Join us for an interactive office-hours session with our team of experts. We will also hear from a successful Selling Partner, David Gutfreund (CEO of The Light Factory), who will share his personal tips from 9 years selling on Amazon.
  • David Gutfreund (CEO of The Light Factory) – David’s story online with Amazon, and advice for getting started
  • Your questions, answered – live Q&A with David & a panel of Amazon Marketplace Services experts
Who are these webinars for?
Manufacturers or resellers of products who want to start selling in Europe through Amazon.
What will you learn?
You will learn how selling on Amazon works and how to get started with your Selling Partner Account registration. You also get the chance to ask your questions live to our experts, who will share their personal tips and best practices. You will also get access to other recorded webinars covering a range of topics to support you in your launch on the Amazon Stores.
What is Amazon's commitment?
Many small and medium-sized companies are encountering new challenges in their businesses as a result of COVID-19. Here at Amazon, we support companies interested in getting started selling online or expanding their e-commerce presence, through offering guidance in getting set up and selling on the Amazon Stores.
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