Performance Dashboard

Visibility into Your Key Performance Metrics

Many of you shared feedback asking for a centralised and in-depth dashboard so you can proactively manage your performance.
We have been working hard to create that for you. We are excited to introduce the Performance Dashboard all Amazon Home Services providers. The newly launched Performance Dashboard gives you visibility into your performance metrics anytime in Seller Central so you can build on positive trends and respond to negative trends, to improve your overall quality and potentially win more jobs.

The performance dashboard helps you improve customer satisfaction and win more jobs by giving you:
Self-Service Information
Instead of having to contact Seller Support, you now have visibility into
your performance metrics any time in Seller Central to stay on top of how you are doing.
Performance Metrics with Targeted Insight
Not only do we provide you with at-a-glance awareness of your key metrics,
we also let you see how you are trending and identify opportunities from a specific angle, such as coverage areas, professions, technicians, or orders.

How This Tool Helps You

Take control of your performance.
With this self-service tool, you may
manage your own performance and
even have the awareness of what it’s needed to improve so you can have the opportunity to win more jobs.
Direct access to your metrics.
We want to show our metric system with transparency in order for you to comprehend our requirements for a great service.
Data based improvement.
You can use this tool as a personalized guide to increase your service quality and therefore Customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my performance important?
Amazon's priority is to give our Customers the best Service possible, and we're always striving to raise the bar. For that reason, we work with the best Service Providers in the market that meet the performance targets. In case you fail to meet these targets, it might negatively affect your Account and/or the number of jobs assigned to you, and it might even result in the suspension of your selling privileges. Although these targets are the base to a good Service, we encourage our Providers to excel in their performance as an opportunity to earn more jobs on Amazon.
What time frame is my performance being evaluated on?
Performance is measured across Orders completed or cancelled in last 60 days, and is calculated each night. Keep in mind that Orders completed or cancelled more than 60 days ago are not considered in Performance metrics.
I’m below the targets on one or more Service Levels. What happens?
In case you did not met the Performance targets, it might negatively affect your Account and/or the number of jobs assigned to you. It even might result in the suspension of your selling privileges. For more information, see Service Level Requirements and Performance metrics.
I'm not meeting one or more targets (percentages in red) for a coverage area, profession, or technician, how does this impact me?
In those cases you'll have the ability to understand what specific parts of your business (coverage areas, professions, or technicians) are not performing well so you can easily identify what improvement opportunities to tackle. Take into consideration that Service Levels are currently only evaluated on Account-wide basis, this means that your Performance metrics are calculated for your account as a whole for Orders completed or cancelled in the last 60 days.
What impact does my Performance for each Service Level have on my account?
If your business fails to meet these targets, it might negatively affect your account, and even impact the number of jobs assigned to you. Also, it might result in the suspension of your selling privileges.
How does a technician or book keeper's assigned coverage area affect their view of the Performance metrics?
Consider that a technician/book keeper will only see the Performance metrics for jobs within their assigned coverage areas—on the Seller Central home page, on the Performance Dashboard, and on the Manage Jobs list. Keep in mind that technicians/book keepers who are not assigned to a specific coverage area, or are assigned to all coverage areas, will see the data for all coverage areas- Also, the technician/book keeper or the Account owner can adjust the assigned coverage areas on their profile on the “Manage Staff” page.
I think an issue is incorrectly attributed to one of my jobs, what can I do?
Contact Seller Performance to dispute the recorded issue with documentation. Seller Performance will investigate the request, and either grant or deny the dispute. If granted, the issue will be removed from consideration in your metrics and for any penalty fees that may apply.