Take advantage of Easter traffic on Amazon.co.uk

Sponsored Products is an easy-to-use advertising solution for Amazon sellers. As shoppers hunt for Easter gifts and accessories, these pay-per-click ads can help them find your products. Sponsored Products ads are targeted to customer search terms and appear on top of and within search results and on product detail pages.

Sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry are also eligible to use Headline Search Ads, which feature your brand logo and a selection of products, and create a free Amazon Store to provide shoppers with a custom, brand-centric multipage experience.

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10 keys to success - Best practices for Easter advertising

To advertise with Sponsored Products, you'll need to have: an active account in good standing with Amazon, the ability to ship to all UK addresses, a valid credit card, product listings in one or more eligible categories (we do not support adult products, used products or refurbished products)

Treat your product detail page like your shop window, by ensuring you have accurate and helpful product information available. Click here to find out more on building an engaging product detail page.

The Buy Box is the button that shoppers use to start purchasing your product. If another seller, who is selling the same product as you wins the Buy Box, your product will not be advertised. To give yourself the best opportunity to win the Buy Box, you’ll need to select products that are always in stock, offer competitive pricing, multiple shipping options and great customer service. For additional information on how to increase your chances of winning the Buy Box, go here.                      

Select “Automatic Targeting” to leverage our keyword algorithm. This tool will select keywords for your ads based on searches that generated impressions, clicks and sales for products that are the same as or similar to yours.

Your daily budget should be high enough so your campaigns do not end midday, or you may miss out on sales. We recommend a minimum of £10.

Be sure to select the “no end date” option when building your campaigns. By setting them to run continuously, you may capture demand for your products that you didn’t realise you have.

Manual campaigns allow you to add your own keywords that you believe to associate with your products, meanwhile Amazon will suggest keywords for you to add to your manual campaign, based on its algorithm. We recommend a minimum of 50 keywords to get your campaigns going.

Check Campaign Manager, our online reporting tool, at least once a week for valuable data, such as how many times your ad was displayed, which keywords resulted in clicks and sales attributed to each ad campaign.                      

Make your ads even more competitive for top placement by turning on Bid+, which will increase your bid by up to 50% when your ad is eligible to appear on top of search results.

Mother's Day may mean you advertise specific items from your catalogue. However it’s important to keep your general discoverability up after this key event too. Keep an automatic targeting campaign on at all times to track trends throughout the season and identify new search terms that work for your products.

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Visit Seller University. You’ll find a series of short videos that can help you set up campaigns through step by step processes.