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the globe

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Grow your business around the globe with advertising

You may be eligible to advertise your listings in marketplaces around the world. Eligible professional sellers can use Sponsored Products in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Go global

It's easier than you think to advertise internationally, and it can mean big results for your business.
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Expand your reach

Tap into growing audiences worldwide. Amazon shoppers across multiple marketplaces are looking for products like yours.
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No translation needed

You don't have to input keywords in a language you don't speak. Use automatic targeting, where Amazon targets your ads to relevant customer searches. This allows you to learn the search terms your global customers are using, plus which ones result in sales for products in different marketplaces.
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Be visibile 24/7

Ads display whenever shoppers search for relevant products on Amazon, so your reach isn't limited by your time zone. Your ads will be working hard for you — even when you're not working.
"We have the ability to advertise in non-English-speaking countries without having to determine all the keywords for that region. For example, we can use automatic targeting for a German campaign without the need for a German-speaking marketer."
- Paul Grey, CEO, ExportX
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How to get started

Expand your reach far and wide in just a few minutes. Here's how to launch campaigns in new marketplaces.
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Find a marketplace you are eligible to advertise in.
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Log in to Seller Central for that marketplace.
*Registration required
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Visit Campaign Manager and select "Create a campaign."

Log in to your marketplace to get started

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