Improve the customer experience for heavy and large deliveries

with Amazon Heavy and Large

Amazon Heavy & Large

Whether it is a sofa, washing machine or sports equipment, easy and convenient scheduling improves the customer experience for heavy and large deliveries. This way, customers are at home to receive their deliveries and you can save time and costs of failed deliveries.The Heavy & Large program offers two ship options:

Arranged Delivery

With this ship option, your customers see on the product page and checkout that they will be contacted to arrange a delivery and they can update their phone number before completing their order. You or your carrier will contact the customer via call, text or email to arrange the delivery.

Scheduled Delivery

With this ship option, customers can choose their preferred delivery date or delivery slot in a calendar at checkout. You can setup the calendar in advance with your available delivery dates and slots. At checkout, customers can also update their phone number, in case you want to contact them on the day of the delivery.

Benefits from the Heavy & Large features

Save costs of failed deliveries:
More transparency in the delivery process makes your customers aware that they have to be at home to receive their deliveries. This saves you costs related to failed deliveries.
Correct customer contact details:
Your customers see their contact details at checkout and can update incorrect information. This makes arranging a delivery easier for you or your carrier, and saves you time in communicating with the customer to update their contact information.
Price shipment per region:
The program allows you to price per region and/or remove them when necessary. This helps you to better calculate your shipping costs.
In addition, you can benefit from the following advantages when offering Scheduled Delivery to customers:
Make delivery scheduling easy for you and your customers:
Offer a selection of delivery dates or timeslots to your customers through a calendar at checkout. With the Heavy & Large program it is easy to setup your delivery capabilities in a calendar that customers will see (including your earliest available delivery date).
Save time and costs of arranging delivery yourself:
When customers directly book their preferred delivery date or timeslot in the calendar, you save the logistical costs of booking deliveries and organizing them with your carrier, or the time to arrange delivery yourself.

How does it work?

Register to be a seller on Amazon
You need to be a registered seller to be able to sell Heavy & Large items on Amazon. If you are new to Selling on Amazon, please register here.
Apply to use Heavy & Large ship options
The Heavy & Large program is an invite-only program and wants to meet the highest customer experience for Heavy & Large delivery. To qualify for the Amazon Heavy & Large program, you need to meet the following criteria:

Products: You sell heavy and large items (>30kg or 1,5m in length).

Tracking: You transfer tracking IDs to Amazon and work with an integrated carrier that can provide full tracking information to Amazon.

Delivery scheduling: For Arranged Delivery, you or your carrier(s) arrange delivery with the customer. For Scheduled Delivery, you are able to deliver heavy and large products within the customers' preferred delivery date or slot. You can setup the calendar in advance with your available delivery dates and slots.
Get enrolled in the program and setup the new ship options
When we have received your application, we reach out to you to check if you meet the criteria to enroll in the program. After enrolling, you can setup the new ship options in your shipping settings.

If you are already a seller on Amazon, you can find more information on how to setup the new ship options after being enrolled on our help page or in our Seller University.
Send us your details by clicking on the "Apply now" button below. We will check your application and reply within 5 business days.
Please reach out to us if you have any questions and send us an email to We are looking forward to helping you sell heavy and large items on Amazon.

Your Amazon Heavy and Large Team.