Try Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and benefit from free transportation of your first shipment (up to 200 units) to a local European Amazon warehouse* and get them returned to you for free if not sold!

This Promotion is open to new to Amazon Sellers and existing Sellers, who never used FBA in the past. Learn more on Promotion Terms and Conditions
Already selling on Amazon? Switch your listings to FBA and benefit from the promotion!
* First FBA items shipment (up to 200 units) from your address in the United Kingdom,
Germany, France, Italy or Spain to a local Amazon Fulfilment Centre.

Take your business to the next level!

Let Amazon drive your business growth domestically and across Europe. Reach millions of customers.
FBA logistics

Sell and fulfil with Amazon

A fast, simple and cost-effective way to grow your business

You can now grow your business by starting to sell on Amazon. From the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers who can see your products, to the ability to start selling fast without the need to create a new standalone website, Amazon provides you the required tools and experience for your online growth strategy.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) was designed to help businesses like yours accelerate the business growth easily. Sellers use Amazon FBA to ship their products to customers both locally and everywhere in Europe when they want to generate more sales without necessarily investing more in logistics and customer service. Moreover, FBA can help sellers to increase their competitiveness as well as build their own brand’s visibility thanks to access to selling Prime.
sales increase

Why do Amazon FBA products sell more?

FBA can help your products stand out from the crowd and sell more. They are often listed with the Prime badge, are highlighted as “Fulfilled by Amazon” and have more chances of winning the Buy Box. This means your products are visible to Amazon’s most loyal Prime customers who choose Prime products for fast-delivery options. On average, businesses who sell through Amazon FBA increase their sales by an additional 30%1 compared to other sellers.
1Amazon FBA Satisfaction Survey, 2016

How to get the promotion?

Registering to sell on Amazon with FBA is a simple 5 step process
Start registration

1) New to selling on Amazon? Start registration as a Pro Seller

  • Click on 'Start selling with promotion'. The Pro selling plan gives you the opportunity to sell an unlimited number of products and pay £25 (excl. VAT) monthly subscription fee. Learn more about detailed Amazon Seller fees

After you register

Start listing products

2) Select the ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ option when you list products

Creating listings for the first time
  • Once registered, create your listings in one or more Amazon European marketplaces (,,,, Remember to select the ‘Fulfilment by Amazon' option when listing your products. You’ll be automatically guided through the process of shipping your products to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre.
Already selling on Amazon? Switch your exiting listings to FBA
  • Visit the "Manage inventory" page in your Seller Account, choose the products you would like to have Amazon fulfill and click ‘Change to Fulfilled by Amazon’ under ‘Actions’. Download our ‘Quick Launch Guide’ for more information about selling with FBA
Send products to a Fulfilment Centre

3) Benefit from the promotion: create a first shipment using Partnered Carrier Program

  • Use the Partnered Carrier Program (PCP) to send your first FBA items shipment (up to 200 units) from your address in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy or Spain to a local Amazon Fulfilment Centre. We will then reimburse your transportation costs for your shipment up to 200 units.
  • Upon receipt, your products will be stored with Amazon FBA. With this promotion we also offer free return shipping to you until 31.12.2019 for any of these products that you included in your first shipment but did not sell!

4) Sell

  • When you sell a product, FBA will pick, pack and ship it to your customer locally or anywhere in Europe. Learn more
Get paid

5) Get paid

  • As you keep selling, the payment for the balance of your orders (net of Amazon fees) is deposited into your bank account.
  • For FBA you will only pay for the exact space needed to store your items in the Amazon warehouse until they are sold and you will only pay for the fulfilment when the products get ordered. The first shipment to a local Amazon warehouse and return for any of these products not sold come with the promotion for free! Learn more about fulfilment fees.


Already selling on Amazon? Switch your listings to FBA and benefit from the promotion! Learn more on Promotion Terms and Conditions

Learn why Fulfilment by Amazon products sell more