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Will I have any additional tax obligations?

You will remain responsible for any VAT obligations you currently have in any applicable country and marketplace you might be selling in. The only change to your experience with this pilot programme will be related to invoicing. At the end of every month, for all orders we purchase, we will email you the respective VAT invoices that we generate on your behalf. You are responsible for keeping a record of the self-billed invoices that we provide as you would for any other invoice that you issue yourself. You are also responsible for the filing of the relevant returns with local tax authorities.

亚马逊想要帮助您提高在整个欧洲的销售量。按照此项新试点计划,亚马逊可能按照您在 Amazon.co.uk 上的报价购买您的商品,然后在 Amazon.de、Amazon.fr、Amazon.it 和 Amazon.es 上销售这些商品。当亚马逊购买您的库存时,您的体验与使用亚马逊物流 (FBA) 的国内销售几乎一样。


  • 请在卖家平台中添加国内商城的增值税税号。
  • 请确保您的商品目录为最新状态。
  • 如您在多个商城拥有库存,请更新您拥有库存的每个国家/地区的增值税税号。






  • 商品价格 – 亚马逊将以您在当地的报价购买您的商品。
  • 运输 – 您无需为这些订单运输任何商品。商品将从您当地商城运营中心的可用库存购买。
  • 订单 – 在“管理订单”页面,对于亚马逊为买家的订单,运输地址将为您当地的亚马逊商城。
亚马逊通过电子邮件每月提供一次亚马逊生成的自我结算发票,时间在每个月的前 10 天,内容涵盖上一个月内发生的所有交易。您的付款流程与常规的国内交易相同。


Handling Customer Inquiries, Feedback and Returns

For products sold by you through Amazon, we will manage all customer service associated with the fulfilment of your products. Customer enquiries related to product specifications and other non-shipping related questions such as VAT invoice requests will be addressed to you.

Buyers can leave feedback for the merchant on orders that are fulfilled by Amazon, and we do not filter or remove feedback that is not specifically related to the fulfilment part of the order.

If Amazon fails in the fulfilment process and this causes negative feedback for the merchant, we will strike through the negative feedback under the following conditions:

  • The product sold was fulfilled by Amazon
  • The buyer purchase rating is between 1 and 3 (inclusive)
  • The buyer answers 'Yes' to the 'Item as described' question
  • The buyer answers 'No' to the 'Arrived on time' question

Amazon does not issue VAT invoices on behalf of sellers. It is your sole responsibility to comply with all legal and VAT requirements for issuing VAT invoices to buyers in respect to your sales transactions. If you are unsure of your VAT obligations, we strongly recommend you verify these with your local tax office or contact your tax advisor.

Amazon will process customer returns and refunds of product in accordance with our returns policy, the FBA Service Terms and the Selling on Amazon Service Terms. Our Online Returns Support Centre provides customers with help pages and details about how to contact us. If the customer wants to return a product, we will direct the customer to our online Returns Centre.

If the customer’s return or refund request relates to a product you did not sell through the Amazon website (i.e. a Multi-Channel Fulfilment Unit), you will be responsible for the return and/or refund.

If the unit was sold on Amazon, and if we determine the returned product is still sellable in the same condition as previously listed, we will automatically place the unit back into your inventory available for sale. If we determine the product is no longer sellable in the same condition as previously listed, we will flag it as unfulfillable in your Amazon Seller Account. If you do not tell us within 90 days whether you elect to dispose of the unit or have it returned to you, we may choose to dispose of or return it at our discretion.

If the product is not sold by you through Amazon’s website, and is fulfilled using Multi-channel fulfilment the return will be directed to you.

The Fulfilment by Amazon reporting area in your Amazon Selling Account contains a downloadable report on returns under customer concessions.

The payments section within the reporting tab of your Amazon Seller Account will show all customer refunds.