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Achieve more success selling all across Europe with Pan-European FBA

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The Government brought in a 2% Digital Services Tax in the UK which will impact fee rates on Amazon UK. Starting 1 September, 2020, we will be increasing Referral fees, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) fees, monthly FBA Storage fees and Multichannel Fulfilment (MCF) fees by 2% for items sold on Amazon UK to reflect this additional cost.
How Pan-European FBA made my business better

How Pan-European FBA made my business better

"It allowed us to have product in fulfilment centres nearest to the customer. Not paying any additional fees, we're able to be extremely competitive on our pricing. Therefore, we sell more units."
Zamir Cajee, CEO of iQualTech (UK)

What is Pan-European FBA?

Pan-European FBA enables thousands of businesses to reach millions of Prime customers all across Europe, faster and more cost-effectively.

Increase your sales by up to 30%

Pan-European FBA strategically allocates your products to fulfilment centres throughout Europe. With your products already on the customer's doorsteps, ready to ship in an instant, fulfilment is not only much faster but also cheaper for you.
What is Pan-European FBA?
Sergio Giansante
"Amazon's Pan-European service has, is and will allow us to expand sales in a way that was unimaginable just two years ago."
Sergio Giansante, CEO of Adognicosto (Italy)

Why sell with Pan-European FBA?

Save on fulfilment costs

Save on fulfilment costs

You only pay the local fulfilment rates that apply to the country where the order is placed. Save up to 55% in fulfilment fees.*
Reach millions faster

Reach millions faster

We store your products closer to millions of European customers, maximizing the fast delivery that customers love. 91% of sellers indicate the highest levels of satisfaction with their fast and reliable deliveries across Europe.*
Sell with the Prime badge

Sell with the Prime badge

Eligible products get the Prime badge in all 5 European marketplaces. Customers worldwide trust Amazon Prime for faster, more reliable deliveries.
*according to 2020 FBA Satisfaction Survey

Pan-European FBA and the European Fulfilment Network

With FBA you can expand internationally in the manner that best suits your business. We offer two options for selling across Europe, Pan European FBA and the European Fulfilment Network (EFN). For additional ways of managing your business internationally, see here.
Pan-European FBA
European Fulfilment Network
Pan-European FBA
European Fulfilment Network
Inventory management
Amazon stores products across Europe, ready for local delivery
Amazon stores products locally only, ready for local delivery or to dispatch to other countries
Delivery promise
Very fast due to proximity
Very fast if local delivery, slower if shipping cross-border
A VAT number is required for each country where goods are stored
A VAT number is required for the country where the goods are stored. Other countries may require a VAT number after a sales threshold is reached.
Shipping costs
Lower, only local fees
Local fees for local delivery, or higher cross-border fees
Indicative fulfilment cost
for 500g standard package
€ 2.81 - € 4.59
€ 6.13
Christian Pietsch
"Takes the guesswork out of managing inventory. We send our products to Amazon Fulfilment Centre and let Amazon distribute them to meet expected demand... You have a lot less headaches."
Christian Pietsch, CEO of Gust Leder (Germany)

VAT made easy

As you know, VAT is an important element for your business; storing goods in countries other than your home marketplace, will require you to meet additional VAT requirements and reporting as well as Intrastat and other duties.

Don’t worry, meeting them is easier than you think; as part of our commitment to help sellers expand their business across Europe, we provide all the tools that will reduce the complexity of getting VAT compliant.
VAT made easy
How to get started with  Pan-European FBA

How to get started with
Pan-European FBA

  1. Create an Amazon seller account and add your products to FBA (if you haven’t already).
  2. List your eligible products in 5 European marketplaces and enable Pan-European FBA only once.
  3. All your eligible FBA products with 5 active offers will benefit from Pan-European FBA. Any new eligible product that you add to FBA will benefit as well, as long as it has 5 active offers.
  4. Send your inventory off to your nearest fulfilment centre and let Amazon do the rest.
Óscar Vera Frías
“In practically one week we had items listed online and available to any client in any of Amazon’s marketplaces. Our sales grew explosively in the first 3 months.”
Óscar Vera Frías, Company manager of The Outlet Tablet (Spain)

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