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Pan-European FBA: Faster access to European customers 24/7

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)’s suite of solutions helps you grow your business in your home marketplace and abroad. Now Pan-European FBA enables you to sell across Europe by helping you place inventory closer to your European customers, and by fulfilling and delivering orders at lower costs and in less time. Selling with Pan-European FBA makes your products eligible for Prime and visible to millions of customers across Amazon’s European marketplaces.

Why sell with Pan-European FBA?

Take the guesswork out of managing inventory

Take the guesswork out of managing inventory

Send products to the Amazon European fulfilment centre(s) in the country of your choice and let Amazon distribute them to meet expected demand.
 Experience low fulfilment costs

Experience low fulfilment costs

Amazon distributes your products across Europe at no additional cost. Pay the local fulfilment fee* of the marketplace where the order is placed.
Reach millions of Prime customers

Reach millions of Prime customers

With Pan-European FBA, you can sell your products in all five Amazon European marketplaces with Prime eligibility.
Provide fast, reliable deliveries

Provide fast, reliable deliveries

With your products stored close to customers, you can trust Amazon to quickly fulfil and deliver orders to customers.
Take the guesswork out of managing inventory

Rely on Amazon’s trusted, 24/7 support

Amazon provides customer support in the local language of the five European Amazon marketplaces, facilitating customer inquiries, returns, and refunds for you.

Pay no EFN fees with Pan-European FBA

With Pan-European FBA, when a product is sold in one Amazon European marketplace, you will only pay the local fulfillment fee* from that marketplace. In contrast, when you sell to customers of other marketplaces via the European Fulfilment Network (EFN), you will pay a cross-border fee for each order shipped.

Let’s say you want to sell a 1000g Standard Parcel (Standard-Size) product across all five European marketplaces and ship your inventory to UK fulfilment centres. For orders placed on amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it, and amazon.es, the cross-border EFN fee would be €6.78. With Pan-European FBA, you would save up to 55% in fulfilment fees, as shown in the table below.  See all Pan-European FBA fulfilment fees.

Standard Parcel 1000g Fulfilment Fees

Sale on amazon.de

Sale on amazon.fr

Sale on amazon.it

Sale on amazon.es

Fulfilment Fee for EFN fulfiling amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it, amazon.es orders from UK inventory pool)

€ 6.78
€ 6.78
€ 6.78
€ 6.78

Pan-European FBA Fulfilment Fee (regardless where the product is shipped from)

€ 3.08

€ 5.11
€ 4.41

€ 3.41

Cost Savings per item with Pan-European FBA

* Local fulfilment fee doesn’t apply for oversize products
€ 3.70
€ 1.67
€ 2.37
€ 3.37

VAT resources

As part of our commitment to help sellers expand their business across Europe, Amazon is working with leading tax advisory firms to foster the creation of discounted rates programs that could help reduce the cost of becoming VAT compliant. Learn more about our VAT resources

Hear what sellers are saying

“When we moved to Pan-European FBA, it allowed us to have product in fulfillment centers nearest to the customer. Because we’re not paying any additional fees for that, we’re able to be extremely competitive on our pricing. Therefore, we sell more units, creating a virtuous circle, increasing our sales in those countries.”

Zamir Cajee, CEO

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