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Benefit from our competitive prices with the Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme

Amazon is constantly looking for ways to help its Sellers be more successful and make using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) as simple and as cost effective as possible. With the Partnered Carrier Programme, Amazon sellers in the UK can benefit from competitive transportation rates negotiated by Amazon with UPS covering shipment of small packages from a UK address to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in the UK where they are seamlessly received and online for sale in no time at all.

With Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Programme, you can get discounted rates when shipping small-parcel deliveries internationally from a UK, German, French, Italian or Spanish address to our Amazon fulfilment centres located in these countries. Learn more about partnered carrier options

Benefits to Sellers of participating in the programme include:

  • Optimal service level with trusted Carriers who are familiar with Amazon delivery appointments and inbound procedures. Amazon FC's will be able to process shipments and make inventory available for sale faster than before.
  • Very Competitive pricing from anywhere in the UK to any UK FC, e.g. shipping a 15kg single parcel from Scotland to CWL1 (Wales) would only cost £4.25 (excluding VAT).
  • Amazon will take on responsibility for dealing with lost or damaged inventory consistent with its standard FBA policy and up to £2,000 per unit.
  • Increased visibility as the Carrier’s tracking number will automatically be linked to your shipment and appear in the shipping workflow. You will able to track your shipment in Seller Central from the time it leaves your premises till it is received by an Amazon FC.
  • Easy sign up online during the shipment creation process and automatic billing at discounted rates.
  • No minimum commitment necessary. You can opt to use PCP on a per shipment basis.

How to get started

Amazon PCP - product preparation
To learn how to prepare specific products such as apparel and textiles, baby toys, breakable items, liquids and other products that require extra preparation for shipment and storage please click here
Amazon PCP - contact
If you would like to leave feedback about how the programme might be further improved or your positive experience, please contact us at
Amazon Customer Service
For more information about the Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme please click here

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