Get preferred rates on shipping to Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe

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Simplify logistics and save with Amazon Preferred Shippers

The Preferred Shippers programme is designed to help sellers outside the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain streamline shipping to Amazon fulfilment centres* across Europe. You can benefit from the competitive rates Amazon has negotiated with selected shippers who qualify for the programme.
* Sellers based in UK, Germany, France, Italy, or Spain can also benefit from competitive cross-border transportation rates. Learn more.

5 ways you can benefit from using Preferred Shippers

    Simplified shipping to Amazon

    Simplified shipping to Amazon

    Easily manage shipping your inventory from EU countries outside the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain to Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe
    Trusted carriers

    Trusted carriers

    Get optimal service with trusted carriers who are familiar with Amazon delivery standards and shipping to fulfilment centres
    Preferred shipping rates

    shipping rates

    Amazon has negotiated favourable rates with preferred shippers to help lower your inventory shipping costs
    Flexible pickup and drop-off options

    Flexible pickup and drop-off options

    Drop off parcels at a local pickup point or request a carrier to collect them at your facility
    Easier payment and tracking

    Easier payment and tracking

    Estimate shipping rates, make payments directly to carriers and track the your shipments

See the Amazon preferred shippers nearest to you

The Preferred Shippers programme is continuously expanding. This map will be updated regularly, so bookmark it for your convenience. For more information, see Amazon Preferred Shippers.

Start saving now

To participate in the programme, visit the sites of the carriers listed above and follow the instructions. In most cases, you will create an account with the carrier. This will identify you as an FBA seller and give you access to the favourable rates Amazon has negotiated.

How does the Preferred Shippers programme differ from the current Partnered Carrier service?

Schedule shipments directly with the preferred shippers listed on Amazon Preferred Shippers. Preferred Shipper scheduling is currently not integrated into Seller Central.

Note that Amazon is only referring you to carriers with whom we have negotiated favourable rates. If you retain a preferred shipper, you will enter a contractual agreement with the carrier and make payments directly to them.