Reduce fulfilment costs with FBA Small and Light

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FBA Small and Light

FBA Small and Light is a domestic-only fulfilment solution for fast-moving products that meet specific size, weight, and price requirements. Designed with your profit margin in mind, the Small and Light programme allows you to list qualifying items while enjoying lower fulfilment costs from Amazon. Now more of your listings could benefit from FBA. When you join this programme, your participating offers will be available to Prime members with free 1–3 days delivery, and standard 3–5 days delivery for non-Prime customers with FREE delivery on orders over £20.

Why sell on FBA Small and Light?

Small and Light allows you to reduce fulfilment costs on small and light items, and then pass along those savings to your domestic customers. Signing up for FBA is easy, and so is enrolling in the Small and Light programme. Sellers enjoy these great benefits on Small and Light product listings:

Offers that are Prime-eligible

Your products are exposed to millions of our most loyal and active customers.
Improved margins

Reduced fulfilment costs

Maintain tight margins on products with a low average selling price.
Improved margins

Free shipping to all Prime customers

Small and Light items have no minimum basket or add-on threshold.
No minimum order threshold

Increased product visibility

Create promotions at no cost on Today’s Deals page (see ‘Best practices’ section for more
Instant customer trust

Instant customer trust

Amazon's A-to-z Guarantee puts your customers at ease. They know us and trust us, and that trust extends to you.
All you need to start selling is to activate FBA and then add Small and Light to product listings that meet the programme’s requirements.

For more information, refer to the FBA Small and Light help page.

'One of our items jumped from number 150 to number in 20 in sales rank after launching it on FBA Small and Light!'

What products are eligible for FBA Small and Light?

To be eligible for Small and Light, products must:
Weigh less than 225 g
Have dimensions less than 30 x 22.4 x 2.4 cm
Be priced under £9 (including VAT)
Meet other unique preparation requirements (see help page for more details)

How do I enrol?

We’ve made it easier than ever for sellers to stay competitive on low-priced products with our new self-service registration page which makes product enrolment quick and easy.
Register for FBA

1. Register for FBA

If you already have a Selling on Amazon account, add FBA to your account. If you don't have one yet, get started today.
Select items

2. Select items

Create new offers for your products, or enrol your existing, self-fulfilled items into the Small and Light programme.
Enrol in programme

3. Enrol in programme

Refer to Help Page for product eligibility requirements.
Ship to Amazon Fulfilment Centre

4. Ship to Amazon Fulfilment Centre

Prep and ship to the specified Amazon fulfilment centre. Refer to the Help Page for preparation requirements.
Stay well stocked

5. Stay well stocked

Enable replenishment alerts, so you can maintain your stock levels to avoid lost sales.

What are the fees for FBA Small and Light?

All Selling on Amazon fees and FBA fees apply to the Small and Light programme. However, in lieu of the order handling, pick and pack, and weight-handling fees that would otherwise apply, the following fulfilment fees apply to eligible items fulfilled through the programme.
Fulfilment packaging type
Small letter
Large letter
23 x 15.5 x 0.4 cm
30 x 22.4 x 2.4 cm
Outbound shipping weight
0-92 g
0-225 g
Fulfilment fee – Small and Light
Fulfilment fee – regular FBA*
* The pricing above is approximate and will be subject to change based on product specifics.

What are best practices?

For the best results in the Small and Light programme, we recommend taking the following steps:

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