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What is FBA Small and Light?

Small and Light offers reduced fulfillment costs on qualified items, allowing you to pass the savings to your customers. Signing up for Small and Light is easy, and once you do you’ll receive these valuable benefits:
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Free shipping for Prime customers

Reduced fulfillment costs

Instant customer trust

FREE 2-3 business day shipping for Prime customers and access to millions of active Amazon shoppers.
By selling through Small and Light, you can improve margins and pass more savings along to your customers.
Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee puts your customers at ease. They know and trust us, and that trust extends to you.

FBA Small and Light fees

Fulfillment packaging type
Shipping weight
Fulfillment fee – Small and Light
Small Letter (including Packing Material Weight = 25 g)
23 x 15.5 x 0.4 cm
0-92 g
Large Letter (including Packing Material Weight = 25 g)
30 x 22.4 x 2.4 cm
0-225 g
Note: If your product’s package dimensions (any side) or weight exceed any of the maximum values listed, move to the next tier.

What products are eligible?

measuring spoons
225g or less
measuring tape
30 x 22.4 x 2.4 cm or less
£9 or less
toy car
Fast-moving ASINs

How do I enrol?

It’s easier than ever to stay competitive on your small, low-priced products. Our self-service registration page makes product enrolment quick and easy.

1. Sell on Amazon and choose FBA

3. Enrol in Small and Light

2. Select items

4. Ship to Amazon

Create new offers for your products, or enroll existing SKUs in the Small and Light program. Only ASINs with sales of 10 units or more in the trailing four weeks are eligible for the FBA Small and Light programme.
Prep and ship to a specified Amazon fulfilment center. A minimum quantity of 24 units per product is required.

Access global markets

Small and Light is the ideal programme to test new markets and expand the reach of your product lines. Learn how to scale your business with international fulfilment.

“One of our items jumped from number 150 to number 20 in sales rank after launching it on Small and Light!”

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