Getting started with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

Follow the steps and login below

1. Switch listings to FBA

You can easily convert your current listings on Amazon to be fulfilled by Amazon in three easy steps:
Go to the “Manage Inventory” page by logging into your seller central account
Select all the listings you want to convert to Fulfilment by Amazon
Click “Actions” and then “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon”
2. Select label options

2. Select label options

As this is your first time you are creating an FBA shipment to Amazon, you need to configure your account for stickerless or commingled inventory and select if you want Label services.
  • The stickerless, commingled preference enables you to list and ship stickerless (unlabelled) products for Fulfilment by Amazon if they meet the qualifications. This eliminates the need to label all the units you send to our fulfilment centres. More information on Stickerless and commingled inventory.
  • The Label service: an item label must be affixed to each unit for which you do not use the Stickerless, Commingled Inventory option. For qualifying units, Fulfilment by Amazon can apply the labels on your behalf for 0.15 € fee.
    More information on Label service.
You can access at any time to your FBA settings in Settings>>Fulfilment by Amazon in the top right of your Seller Central Account.
3. Send your first shipment

3. Send your first shipment

During the creation of a shipment you will need to:
  1. Specify the quantities for each item
  2. Address from where you are shipping.
You will be able to select the shipping method you want to use (Small Parcel Delivery or Less than truckload) and the carrier for your shipment.

Amazon has negotiated competitive rates with carriers to ship to our fulfilment centres with their Partnered Carrier Program.

We will inform you about the ID and location of the fulfilment centre to which you will ship your inventory. 
You can also download our Quick launch guide for more information on how to get started.
4. Sell Internationally

4. Sell Internationally

Once your products reach our fulfilment centre, they are processed and become available to buyers from the UK, if is your home marketplace (where you created your account). To make them available to buyers on the other European marketplaces (,,, you can use any of our International Solutions: EFN, Pan-European FBA or MCI.
Learn more about Amazon’s International Solutions.

For a detailed view of how to start using Pan-European FBA, download our guide.
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