"FBA is a winning formula...
I was able to simultaneously increase sales while cutting cost"

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Simplify your logistics process by letting Amazon store, pick, pack and deliver your items. Find out what other Sellers say about Fulfilment by Amazon and start taking advantage of this powerful service to help your business succeed.

They chose FBA

The Joy of Cookware

David used his passion and experience working for various home retailers and kitchen brands to start his own cookware company.
With his team, he decided to launch 250 products on FBA in 2010.

"We now have over ten times that amount in FBA, proving what a success it has been for us."

Colanders recently moved to a 13,000 square foot warehouse in Stevenage, Hertfordshire with 12 employees dedicated solely to its Amazon side of the business.

David Eggison,
David Eggison

Perfumes Online

Hetal Shah
When Hetal joined Perfumes Shopping it comprised a team of two with one key challenge: reaching new customers willing to buy a perfume without smelling it. They needed a new channel to reach this audience and started selling on amazon.co.uk.

"We ended up receiving peaks of 1500 orders a day, which is huge for a small company like ours. Right before Christmas, we spent our days (and part of our nights) preparing orders for delivery. It was crazy.

After using FBA, we saw a 300% increase in sales volume. Our warehouse team is very happy, as they no longer have to worry about all the picking and packing."

Hetal Shah,
Perfume Shopping

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