Growing your business internationally has never been easier!

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International growth:
it’s easy with FBA

FBA unlocks the potential of selling in new marketplaces, allowing you to grow sales
internationally quickly and with ease. It’s the power and speed of Amazon’s world-class fulfilment
network placed at your fingertips – so you can concentrate on expanding your business.

1 account, 5 marketplaces
FBA allows you to manage and sell inventory across all five EU marketplaces and maintain a clear
overview of your business with just a single Seller account.

You can use the same credit card to sell anywhere in Europe. Better still, any FBA program will
automatically enable your eligible products with Prime delivery options in all five of Amazon’s European
marketplaces, increasing the odds that Prime customers will buy from you.

A programme
tailored to you

To meet the needs particular to your business, you can choose to use
all or a combination of the FBA options we offer:

Pan-European FBA

Smart Stock Distribution

Pan-European FBA
Pan-European FBA

Managing inventory across multiple marketplaces can be complex and time-consuming. But with Pan-European FBA, selling internationally couldn’t be simpler. Send your products to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in your home marketplace and watch as your inventory is automatically, intelligently distributed throughout Fulfilment Centres across Europe based on anticipated demand.

It’s the ultimate in European sales solutions, taking the guesswork out of managing inventory in multiples countries and allowing you the time to focus on growing your business.

  • With your inventory intelligently distributed across Fulfilment Centres serving all of Amazon’s European marketplaces, customers will enjoy faster delivery times on the products you offer.
  • You’ll avoid cross-border fees (see EFN program), with only local fulfilment fees applied.

Read more about the Pan-European programme.

European Fulfilment Network

Home and Away

European Fulfilment Network (EFN)

With EFN, you ship your products to Fulfilment Centres in the UK, and have the opportunity to fulfil your orders coming from customers in other Amazon European marketplaces.  So your products stored in the UK can be easily bought, picked, packed and shipped to customers placing orders on,,,

  • Simply ship and store your stock in UK Fulfilment Centres, simplifying inbounding and storage costs.
  • Enjoy Prime eligibility for fast delivery, as well as local fulfilment fees on domestic orders.
  • Cross-border EFN fees apply for orders to any of Amazon’s other European marketplaces. Read more about EFN fees.
Multi-Country Inventory

Your Marketplace Pick

Multi-Country Inventory (MCI)

With MCI, you have the power to manage which countries you ship and store your stock in, with Fulfilment Centres available in all five Amazon marketplaces in the EU to choose from. Your products will be closer to your customers in those countries so they’ll benefit from faster delivery options, and you’ll save on cross-border EFN fees in those countries too.

  • Enjoy total control over which countries you want to ship and store your stock in, giving your buyers Prime delivery options in those marketplaces.
  • Benefit from local fulfilment fees for sales in the marketplaces you store products in.
  • Customers in marketplaces where you chose not to store your products locally can still have your products fulfilled cross-border through EFN.

Read more about MCI fees.

FBA Export for EU

Export Internationally, at a Click of a Button

FBA Export

Customers based in countries outside the UK browse on every day, and are a healthy source of sales that can help boost your bottom line with a simple click of a button.

Enable the FBA Export option for your inventory and Amazon will take most of the complexity of international logistics out of the equation – picking, packing and delivering your products from your local Fulfilment Centre direct to customers in the EU (for non-media items) and to customers worldwide (for media items) – at no extra cost to you.

Learn how to activate FBA Export functionality.

Moving and storing inventory in an additional country triggers some additional VAT obligations and may involve some other reporting requirements such as Intrastat.

Be aware that you will be responsible for the collection and payment of your taxes as well as the filing of all relevant returns and invoicing. You can find more useful information about VAT here.

Amazon Prime

When you join FBA, your products are automatically eligible for Prime, which can increase your product exposure and competitiveness.

Amazon Prime is an increasingly popular membership programme for Amazon customers; it gives them fast and unlimited One-Day delivery on eligible purchases plus additional advantages for an annual membership of £79.

Amazon Prime subscribers are among Amazon’s most loyal customers and often order more frequently, making their purchasing decisions based on the delivery options available to them. They often filter products they’re considering purchasing in order to only see items that are eligible for Prime.

New to Selling on Amazon?

Already Selling on Amazon? Start using FBA ›