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Discounted rates for Amazon sellers

As part of our commitment to help sellers expand their business across Europe, Amazon is working with leading tax advisory firms to foster the creation of discounted rates programs that could help reduce the cost and complexity of becoming VAT compliant.

One such program has already been launched with the external tax adviser KPMG Global Services Hungary Ltd. KPMG offers Amazon sellers VAT registrations and filings in up to 7 EU countries, including:

  1. Easy 5 step processes to sign up for both VAT registration and reporting services.
  2. Different tax services packages offered with rates starting at €750 per country per year (up to over 70% lower when compared to standard market prices).
  3. Dedicated support by KPMG account managers.
  4. Response time of 24 hours, dedicated hotline in 5 languages and comprehensive FAQs.

To find out more about KPMG’s discounted rates for Amazon sellers, please visit KPMG’s external website and create, free of charge, an account with KPMG

Amazon currently offers a promotion to Pan-European FBA sellers who, given their immediate needs, will be purchasing until December 31st 2016 a tax service package from KPMG Global Services Hungary Ltd. that includes Poland or the Czech Republic. Amazon will cover costs of VAT registration in Poland and Czech Republic by rebating sellers up to €1800.

Terms and conditions apply, please read more details about the rebate here.

Note: Information on this page does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such.