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Winning with FBA
How to successfully manage your FBA business

Your Listings

Optimise Your Product Listings

High-quality listings help improve the customer experience by making it easier for customers to find, evaluate, and purchase your products. Keeping your listings in optimal condition and priced competitively are the first steps in not only winning the Buy Box but also maximising your sales. If your listings are not priced competitively or are not visible, your FBA inventory might not move as fast.
Optimise Your Listings - Basic Product Information

Basic Product Information

  • Images help customers select products and make purchasing decisions.

  • Brands allow customers to filter search results. If customers filter by brand and your listing is missing the brand designation—even if it's included in the description—the customers may never find your listing.

  • Descriptions provide the details that customers use to compare similar products and make buying decisions.
Optimise Your Listings - Detailed Product Information

Detailed Product Information

Detailed information - such as size, manufacturer part number, and material type—can help customers find your listings:
  • Size, such as shoe size, allows customers to fine-tune search results and more quickly find and buy the products that fit their needs.

  • Material type, such as silk for clothing or canvas for a backpack, allows customers to narrow their search based on material preference.
Optimise Your Listings - Improve Listings Quality

Improve Listings Quality

Manage Inventory provides you with tools for searching, viewing, and updating your product and inventory listing information. Amazon currently informs sellers about enhancement opportunities on the Listing Enhancements page. This page can help you quickly identify any listings that might need your attention, such as:
  • Titles: You may see an enhancement opportunity for title if some product titles in your listings are extremely long or short, use all lowercase or all uppercase letters, or include HTML code.

  • Product description and product features: You may see an enhancement opportunity if your listing does not include a product description (a short paragraph that brings out essential characteristics of the product) or product features (a list of key product properties such as warranty, compatibility, etc.).

  • Images: You may see an enhancement opportunity for images if the main image on your listing does not meet the recommended image standards.

  • Brand and Manufacturer: You may see an enhancement opportunity for Brand if your listing does not include a brand and manufacturer.

  • Category-specific enhancement opportunities: You may see an enhancement opportunity if your listings do not include information that is essential to a buyer who is comparing similar products; for example, if you list digital cameras but do not include the megapixel resolution or the lens focal length in your specifications.

Category Style Guides will help you to list your products effectively on and maximise your sales. They are easy-to follow manuals with clear examples of “do’s and don’ts” and they provide information on everything you need to create a great product listing, for both content and discoverability.
Optimise Your Listings - Image submission guidelines

Image submission guidelines

Sellers on our Professional selling plan have the option of adding up to eight images to a product they are selling on Amazon.

Images are intended to represent the product in its most general aspect, and not characteristics that are particular to your copy. For instance, if you're selling a used child's tape recorder and the product is covered with personal markings, a photograph of this product would not be appropriate.

The use of copyrighted images of other individuals or companies on our product detail pages is not permitted. For most products, we recommend that you photograph your product and submit it as the product image.
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