Winning with FBA

How to successfully manage your FBA business

Pan-European FBA

Pan-European FBA enables you to sell across Europe by helping you place inventory closer to your customers in Europe, fulfilling and delivering orders fast at lower costs. Visit our Pan-European FBA page to learn more about its benefits.

Manage your Pan-European FBA business successfully

Manage your Inventory

It is critical to maintain sufficient inventory levels to enable fast delivery of your products to Customers across Europe, as it allows Amazon to place the products closer to end customers in all 5 European marketplaces.
ASINs with sufficient inventory levels are 33% more likely to have a next-day delivery promise across Europe! 1

What is Optimal Inventory Management?

Optimal inventory management is the set of practices you can follow to help Amazon to place Pan-European products across the 5 European marketplaces. Following these practices supports our algorithms to place your products closer to the end customers and improve their delivery promise (e.g. 1 day delivery vs 2 days or 2 days delivery vs 3 or more), which can help increase your conversion rate.

We recommend the following quantities to be maintained in stock at all times, depending on sales volume. Weeks of cover (WOC) refers to the time it would take for a product to go out of stock according to current quantity in inventory and forecasted demand.

Sales Volume Per Product

>= 30 units per week
< 30 units per week

Weeks of Cover (WOC)

4 or more
3 or more
Why is Optimal Inventory Management Important?
Pan-European FBA provides the benefit of inventory placement across Europe, which allows faster delivery to customers and lower cost for Sellers and Amazon. Keeping optimal levels of inventory at all times enhances the ability for Amazon to place inventory close to expected demand, to provide the fastest possible shipping to your buyers across Europe.
How to set up best Inventory Management Practices immediately after starting on Pan-European FBA
Step 1. Your first Shipment

Create your first inbound for your Pan-European enrolled ASINs. We recommend to prepare a shipment with a minimum of 4 weeks of cover for your fastest moving products (more than 30 units sold per week across Europe). For this initial inbound you can rely on historical sales to calculate 4 weeks of cover. The easiest way to check your historical sales is to click on “download report” at the top of the Restock Inventory Tool
Pro tip: Inbound to the 2-3 locales with greatest demand to expedite the placement of your inbound shipments, and let Amazon take care of the remaining inventory movement across Europe.
Step 2. Inventory Management Strategy

Familiarize yourself with the Restock Inventory Tool. The tool helps you managing your procurement strategy accounting for:
  • EU-wide sales
  • seasonal demand fluctuations
  • supplier lead time
  • reorder frequency
  • minimum order quantities
  • current FBA inventory in stock and in “shipment" status
Pro tip: Edit the default values on supplier lead time and reorder frequency on the Restock Tool at least for your top selling ASINs to reflect their true procurement times