Winning with FBA

How to successfully manage your FBA business

Pan-European FBA

Pan-European FBA enables you to sell across Europe by helping you place inventory closer to your customers in Europe, fulfilling and delivering orders fast at lower costs. Visit our Pan-European FBA page to learn more about its benefits.

Manage your Pan-European FBA business successfully

Price competitively

While launching your products in a new marketplace can be exciting, you must remain mindful of local pricing. Being price competitive can improve your chances of winning the Buy Box and help you grow your business internationally.

Fortunately, Seller Central’s tools can help you to track and improve your performance:
  • If you use Build international Listings to create and manage your European offers, your prices in the target marketplaces will be automatically updated every time you update them in the source marketplace. For each target marketplace you add, you can select a different pricing rule that can be changed at any time. The tool will also convert the currency using the Current Daily Exchange Rate in case it’s needed. Visit Build International Listings.
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    Pro tip: To be enrolled in Pan-European FBA, all FBA offers for the same ASIN must be linked to the same inventory pool labeled or stickerless. Labeled ASINs must have the same FNSKU across all marketplaces.
  • The Pricing Dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of your products with four different views: Buy Box Win Percentage, Competitiveness, Sales Conversion and Fee Promotions. For example, Buy Box Win Percentage indicates the average time your listings were in customer views featured in the Buy Box, while Fee Promotion are Price-based referral fee discounts to help you offer competitive prices on popular products. Visit the Pricing Dashboard.
  • Automate Pricing allows you to quickly update prices across a large portfolio of products, without spending a lot of time to make updates listing by listing. Visit the Automate Pricing tool.
  • You can also use Fix Price Alerts to receive notifications on eventual anomalies of your prices. For example, in case of offers removed for suspected price error you can view, modify and reactivate them from this section. Visit the Fix Price Alerts tool.
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Fee Promotion
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