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Pan-European FBA

Pan-European FBA enables you to sell across Europe by helping you place inventory closer to your customers in Europe, fulfilling and delivering orders fast at lower costs.
Visit our Pan-European FBA page to learn more about its benefits.

Manage your Pan-European FBA business successfully

Enrol your ASINs for Pan-European FBA

Products that have Pan-European FBA status "Eligible” can participate in the programme. You can check the status of your products in the Pan-European FBA Inventory page (login required). To enrol eligible products in Pan-European FBA, first they need to have an active offer in each of the five Amazon Europe marketplaces.
1. Create active offers for your eligible products
The Build International Listings tool saves you time managing listings and enables you to create and update listings across multiple Amazon marketplaces at the same time. You select a source marketplace where your listings exist and identify a target marketplace in which you want to create listings. Build International Listings will automatically:
  • Create listings on multiple target marketplaces based on products you are selling in one source marketplace.
  • Updates listings in the target marketplaces whenever you add or delete a listing.
  • Adjusts your target marketplace prices based on source marketplace prices following the pricing rules you assigned to each target marketplace.
You can also use the Expand Offers Internationally tool to manually create offers for all products that you are selling through one Amazon Europe marketplace (such as on another Amazon Europe Marketplace (such as without switching from one marketplace to another in Seller Central.
Pro tip: To be enrolled in Pan-European FBA, all FBA offers for the same ASIN must be linked to the same inventory pool labeled or stickerless. Labeled ASINs must have the same FNSKU across all marketplaces.
If you need to translate your products in the target marketplace language, consider these options:
  • Translate Your Products (TYP): create your product offers in other European marketplaces by requesting product title and description be translated into a specified language (paid service).
  • External Translation Providers: on our Solution Provider Network you can choose an external provider specialized in e-commerce product page translation.
Products must be permitted to be sold in each Amazon Europe marketplace and not subject to legal, compliance, compatibility, and operational limitations. Please remember that you are solely responsible for determining whether you are authorized to sell each of your products in the target marketplace and whether your products comply with all applicable laws in each target marketplace.
2. Enrol your eligible products in Pan-European FBA
With active offers, your eligible products are now ready to be enrolled in Pan-European FBA. Visit the Pan-European FBA Inventory page in Seller Central, review your ASINs and simply click enroll!
Enrol your eligible products in Pan-European FBA
If this is the first time that you are enrolling your products in Pan-European FBA, you will be asked to accept the programme’s Policy. You only have to do this once. If you have many products, you may want to consider using the report and template to enrol them in bulk in the Upload Enrollment Template page.