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Shipping Inventory to Amazon

How you ship your inventory to our fulfilment centres can affect how long it takes your products to become available for sale and fulfilment. We want to help you make sure your inventory arrives safely and is received quickly.
Shipping Inventory to Amazon - Shipment creation tools

Shipment creation tools

You can manage your FBA products online using tools that allow near real-time management of your inventory. After you identify the listings (SKUs) you would like Amazon to fulfil for you, create a shipment using the instructions below.You can send your inventory to Amazon fulfilment centres by creating a virtual shipment, packing your products, and shipping your inventory to designated fulfilment centres. Options for creating a shipment include the following:
Ideal for small orders where you can select products you sell on Amazon and convert them to be fulfilled by Amazon, or you select products that you want to replenish
For medium to large shipments. You upload a .csv file of your inventory created from a template we provide. The shipment is created automatically for you.
For medium to large shipments. This method enables you to scan each Unit with a USB barcode scanner and print labels one at a time as you pack each box. Provides a more accurate way of labeling your inventory.
For medium to large shipments. You can integrate your own inventory systems using Amazon APIs.
Inventory that is sent to an Amazon fulfilment centre is generally scanned and made available for sale within three business days of delivery.

Important! Problems with Inbound Shipments

Problems with inbound shipments may result in an inbound quality review and subsequent suspension of inbound shipment creation and modification privileges. In most cases, privileges may be reinstated after you review any examples we provide and acknowledge our requirements. However, in cases where non-compliance poses a safety hazard or significantly affects the operation of our fulfilment centres, additional actions may be required to enable privileges to be reinstated. In addition, repeated failures to meet our requirements may result in removal of privileges.
Shipping Inventory to Amazon - Identify Restricted Products

Identify Restricted Products

Some products are not allowed to be stored in or shipped from Amazon fulfilment centres. It's important to know what is suitable for our fulfilment process and what is unsuitable. Take the time to research Amazon policies regarding restricted products.

The following products cannot be sold through Fulfilment by Amazon:

Hazardous materials

International and European regulations define hazardous materials (Hazmat) as pure chemicals, mixtures of substances, manufactured products, or articles which pose a risk to people, animals, or the environment if improperly stored, transported, or handled.

Common hazardous substances, such as household cleansers and gardening products, often include hazard labels and health and safety warnings which describe the risks and what actions should be taken if the substance is accidentally spilled or swallowed.

Most products that are regulated as hazardous materials by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) cannot be processed by Fulfilment by Amazon.

For more information see Which Amazon Products Might Be Hazmat?

Other FBA Prohibited Products

Certain products may be eligible for sale on Amazon, but are not eligible for Fulfilment by Amazon such as:  medicines, cigars, weapons, wine, etc. Know more about FBA Prohibited Products on Seller Central.

Important! Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the fulfilment centre, the disposal or return of inventory at your expense, the blocking of future shipments to the fulfilment centre, charges for additional preparation or for non-compliance, the suspension or your selling privileges, or regulatory fines.
Shipping Inventory to Amazon - Prepare and Pack products

How to correctly prep and pack your products

FBA has product preparation requirements that must be followed in order for units to be received at Amazon fulfilment centres. It is your responsibility to determine the appropriate packaging necessary to ship your products safely to Amazon.

Watch our FBA Preparation Video Tutorials to know more.

Below are the general requirements that your packaging must conform to when sending FBA inventory to Amazon fulfilment centres.
  • Amazon reserves the right to return any items that are packed in a way that does not meet these requirements:All individual SKU items must be contained within a single package,  Amazon does not accept products requiring assembly of multiple separate pieces at our dock.
  • Any FNSKU used by the seller must correspond to one unique product.
  • All products must have a single scannable barcode, placed on the outside of each shippable unit, which is accordingly registered in the Amazon catalogue and uniquely identifies the product. This may be an EAN/UPC/ISBN for “Stickerless, commingled” stock, or an FBA FNSku label for “Stickered” stock. The barcode should also be printed in human readable form. It should be positioned on the exterior of the product in a flat, easily accessible and scannable location (ie not positioned around a corner or curve or on a seam).
  • All items must be easily identifiable. Packaging must carry a label with identifiers such as title, colour and model number in addition to the corresponding EAN, UPC or ISBN barcode.
  • Unauthorised marketing materials (e.g., pamphlets, price tags, or other non-Amazon stickers) are prohibited. Amazon will not accept pre-priced labels or products.
  • Safety: You are required to use safety knives with covered blades in packing and distribution of Amazon deliveries to prevent sharp objects such as blades being accidentally left in cartons and products that are liable to cause injury to Amazon Associates or Amazon customers.
  • Sharp/Hazardous or Damage Prone Items: Amazon reserves the right to specify products needing additional protective packaging in order to preserve the integrity of the product throughout the fulfilment process. Products sensitive to dust, dirt or humidity must be protected by transparent poly bags.
  • Shock-sensitive articles (e.g. hard-drives): Shock-sensitive units must be packaged individually in protective material (such as bubble wrap). All items must be packaged individually.
Note: When your FBA items are purchased, they are dispatched to the buyer inside an Amazon branded box in the original packaging in which you sent them to our fulfilment centres. Make sure your items are packed securely to prevent damage.

For additional guidelines on how to prepare a product for shipping, please review our Packaging and Preparation Requirements.
Shipping Inventory to Amazon - Choose label options

Choose label options

Some of your units may qualify for what we call Stickerless, Commingled Inventory, which refers to inventory you don't label so we can combine your units with like units within the Amazon fulfilment network. This helps us to provide quick shipping of those particular products to Amazon customers and saves you time and money because you don't have to label the units. Important: Some of your units may not be eligible for stickerless, commingled inventory, and you may be asked to label your units in the future.

If you choose to label your units, we provide label requirements that can help us receive your products in our fulfilment centres quickly and accurately. Products that do not qualify for Stickerless, Commingled Inventory must have FBA labels in order to be received at Amazon's fulfilment centres. By selecting the Labelling required filter on the Label Products page, you can view the products in your plan that require labels. For products that require labels, you must affix a label to each unit of the product, and the label must cover any existing barcodes.

FBA Label Service

If you don't want to label products yourself, you also have the option of enrolling in the FBA Label Service or relying on Unplanned Services to get the job done.

FBA Preparation Service

If you prefer to not prep your products yourself and you are using our new shipping workflow we offer prep services for a per-unit fee. Learn more about FBA Preparation Service.

Learn more about Labeled Inventory.
Shipping Inventory to Amazon - Shipment summary

Preview, prepare and view shipment summary

Preview Shipments: On the Preview Shipment page, you can review and approve the final shipment plan. Fulfilment centres are selected based on the products you ship and where you are shipping from.

Prepare Shipment: The Prepare Shipment page will walk you through the process of creating each of your shipments. The steps required to complete a shipment may vary depending on whether you choose small parcel delivery (SPD) or less than truckload (LTL) delivery. In the Delivery Service section you will see the option to use our Partnered Carrier available to FBA sellers for domestic and cross-border small parcel shipments which allows you to benefit from competitive transportation rates negotiated by amazon with UPS.
View Summary: On the View Summary page you can review the content of your shipment.  The Summary page is your primary destination for monitoring your shipments. In addition to reviewing your products and quantities, you can track your shipments (if applicable), and watch the progress of your products as they are received at the Amazon fulfilment centre.

If there are problems with your shipment, you will be notified on the View Summary page and in the Shipping Queue.

You can also download our Prep Matrix sheet.
Shipping Inventory to Amazon - Shipment to Fulfilment Center

Ship your products to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre

Select your own carrier to ship your product to our Fulfilment Centres or use Amazon Partnered Carriers for domestic and cross-border small parcel shipments. With the Partnered Carrier Programme, Amazon sellers in the UK can benefit from competitive transportation rates negotiated by Amazon with UPS covering shipment of small packages from a UK address to an Amazon Fulfilment centre located in any of the Amazon marketplaces (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) where they are seamlessly received and online for sale in no time at all.

Shipping charges are dependent on the dimensions and weight of the parcel(s), the address from which the shipment originates, and the destination fulfilment centre. The estimated cost of these charges will be subject to adjustment if Amazon or the carrier determines that the actual weight and/or dimensions of the package are different from the weight and/or dimensions provided by you.

Important: Please note that once you have accepted the partnered carrier shipping charges, you must contact your carrier to schedule a pickup.

Important notice concerning the transportation of hazardous materials: Transporting dangerous goods and/or hazardous material (Hazmat) is prohibited from the Partnered Carrier Programme.
Shipping Inventory to Amazon - Track Shipments

Track Shipments

It is important to provide your tracking numbers or Bill of Lading (BOL) for any shipment sent to Amazon fulfilment centres. The tracking information is essential to receive your products at the fulfilment centre. Please be sure to enter this information when you prepare your online shipment. When monitoring your Shipping Queue, your can track your Shipments and Shipping Plans.

If you are using Amazon Partnered carriers, the tracking information is automatically provided to us. If you are using your own carrier, you will need to provide that information. If you are sending multiple shipments, you can learn How to Bulk Upload Shipment Tracking Numbers.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your shipments to be fully received once they arrive at Amazon fulfilment centres. If after that time your shipments have not been fully received, you can contact Seller Support to research and reconcile your shipment.