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Fulfilment by Amazon Tips

Many sellers experience a spike in the demand for their products during the Festive Season. Sellers using Fulfilment by Amazon have historically managed to be better prepared to meet the demands of the busy holiday season. To help you successfully scale up, we have put together some tips and reminders for you.
Tips - Holiday Settings

Holiday Settings

Remember, FBA Listings can remain active while you are on holiday.

Are you planning a well-earned break between Christmas and New Year? If so, your FBA listings can remain active during this period, and you can continue to sell.
Tips - Amazon Sponsored Products

Get Christmas shoppers to notice your products

The peak selling season is just around the corner! Are you looking to increase the visibility of your products on Let us propose to you our advertising program - Amazon Sponsored Products.
Tips - Replenishment Alerts

Stay in stock and maximise your selling opportunities

It is also important to stay IN STOCK during the busiest time of the year. You can set up automated replenishment alerts yourself from within your seller account.
Tips - FBA Export for EU

Let Amazon export your orders to customers throughout Europe

If you have not already done so, do bear in mind that you can have Amazon ship your on Amazon orders to any customer in the EU by activating the FBA Export to EU function with one simple click.
Tips - Categories and Products Requiring Approval

Don’t miss out on sales of categories and products requiring approval

In order to maintain the buyer confidence in Amazon this Festive Season, you will need to be eligible to sell certain categories.
Tips - Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

Reduce your product return rate through direct customer contact

As part of the FBA program, you can now enable the optional FBA Buyer-Seller Messaging Service to allow customers to contact you directly.
Tips - Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme

Leverage our Partnered Carrier programme (PCP)

Ship your small parcels into Amazon Fulfillment centres (FCs) using Partnered Carrier programme (PCP) and benefit from very competitive rates and Amazon’s reimbursement policy for lost or damaged inventory. There is no minimum commitment necessary and you can opt to use PCP on a per shipment basis.

Automate Removals of Unsellable Inventory

If you have unsellable inventory in an Amazon FC, please take the time to remove it so it can be possibly repacked and resold in the busy run up to year end and you can avoid unnecessary storage fees. To enable Automated Unsellable Removals, go to your Shipping Queue and click the FBA Settings button.