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The American market is really big. If the products and the price tags are right, you can sell anything very quickly on Amazon.

Giuseppe Sigurtà
Founder, Miami Buys
From: Italy
Sells in: North America, Europe

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“If I had one tip for a company interested in expanding to the US, I'd say:
Do it with Amazon.”

Gui Perrier
Co-founder, Dodow From: France
Sells in: North America, Europe, Japan, Australia
“We always saw the US as a very big market and opportunity for us. Now the US Marketplace makes up 80% of our sales."
Michael Corrigan CEO & Cofounder, Trtl
From: United Kingdom
Sells in: North America, Europe
“Our greatest realisation on Amazon US has been: It is easier than ever!”
Johannes Kliesch & Felix Bauer Co-founders, Snocks
From: Germany
Sell in: North America, Europe; plan to sell in Japan, Australia
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