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Amazon Business is now live on and The new features allow you to tailor your offers for the needs of business customers and increase your sales to businesses, including the display of quantity discounts and exclusive business offers. The VAT Calculation Service will also provide automatic VAT invoicing and display VAT-exclusive prices on your offers to business customers.

You have a full automation already in place?
Our Amazon Business and VAT Calculation Service developer guides will assist you to integrate the new features. If you don't have any automation in place, you can learn more about how to get started by reading the XML Integration guide

Download our guides: 

Alternatively, the below third party solutions are currently supporting the Amazon Business feature set* on and

Automated Solutions

Amazon Business

VAT Calculation Service

247 Services



cateno AuctionSync

Channel Advisor

Channel Pilot

Dian Xiaomi

Dream Robot

ECPP Softsilkroad

Exact Abacus


JTL Software

Just Applications






Market Invaders


Plenty Markets

Seller Dynamics

Shopping Flux


Starsellers World

Stream Market


Via Online

Visualsoft UK LTD

Volo Commerce

* Please note: By using any of the above automated solutions, you agree that the solution provider is solely responsible for the provision of the service. Amazon and the third party providers are independent parties.
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