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£25 (excl. VAT) per month

Create Your International Listings

Check this box, if you want to sell your products on all five Amazon European marketplaces (,,, and and get access to millions of additional buyers. You can sell on all these marketplaces without additional subscription fees. After registration, you only need to create listings in your home marketplace and eligible listings will automatically be re-created in the remaining four marketplaces via our “Build international listings” tool. Please read up all the details on international selling here. We will also email them to you once you register.
If you do not check the "Sell on 5 European marketplaces" box now, you can still start selling internationally at any time. 

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Benefits of the Individual Selling Plan

  • You plan to only sell a few items occasionally (fewer than 35 items per month)

  • You only want to pay fees when you sell (no monthly subscription fee)

  • You don’t intend to sell in any of the following categories (reserved to the Professional Selling Plan): Beauty, Clothing, Grocery, Jewellery, Watches, Health & Personal Care, Personal Care Appliances

  • £0.75 + per-item seller fees (VAT-exclusive)

Pricing Summary1

Per-Item Fees for each product sold on £0.75
For Books, Music & Video
Referral Fee 15%
+ Variable Closing Fee from £0.14 to £1.322
For All Other Categories
Referral Fee From 7% to 45%
Or minimum Referral Fee of £0.40
See Pricing details >
1 Pricing is category dependent

Expand easily across Europe

The European account allows you to create and manage product offers in one or more of the following marketplaces:,,, and Click on the “Register now” button below to register for a European Account via

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£25 (excl. VAT) per month

Build International Listings

The Build International Listings tool is one of the key features accessible for free for sellers with a PRO account, which will enable you to expand your business internationally. It automatically creates and manages offers across Amazon’s EU marketplaces and monitors exchange rate fluctuations to adjust offer pricing. Build International Listings takes much of the complexity, cost, and effort out of managing your international offers.

Translate Your Products

Translate Your Products is a new service which enables the creation of your product offers in other European marketplaces by having your product titles and descriptions translated to specified languages. To help improve your sales conversion in other marketplaces, use Translate Your Products to generate high-quality listings that are translated, checked and validated by native speakers.

Manage your business from a single Amazon seller account

You control what you sell and where, and you manage your European business from a single Amazon seller account, making trading in Italy feel just like trading in the UK. When selling internationally, you should be aware of EU regulations and taxes, in particular Value Added Tax (VAT).

Expand easily across Europe

I don't think we could have achieved this much success by selling our products in a physical store. It takes years and a lot of money to develop a chain of shops across several countries. Thanks to Amazon we are now selling in the USA, German and French marketplaces without having had to take out a loan or invest vast amounts of money and time.  "

Maninder Sahota, Scarves Unlimited

Grow your business further with FBA

With Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), you can leverage Amazon’s world class fulfilment network and expertise, trusted customer service for delivery related issues in the local language of the Amazon European marketplace where the product is purchased, fast and in many cases, free and expedited delivery options making it easy to grow your sales and improve customer satisfaction.

FBA takes much of the effort and complexity out of selling internationally and gives you tools to easily sell and ship your products throughout the EU.  When using any of our international fulfilment solutions you can also benefit from competitive prices to ship your products to a domestic or international Amazon fulfilment centre using the Partnered Carrier Programme. For selling internationally, you can choose to use all or some of the following programmes with FBA:

European Fulfilment Network (EFN)

European Fulfilment Network (EFN)
  • Ship and store your inventory to fulfilment centres in the UK and fulfill orders from any Amazon’s European marketplace.

  • customers have fast delivery options for your products. For customers on other marketplaces, Amazon offers delivery of your products out of the UK fulfilment centres.

  • Pay local fulfilment fee when selling on and a cross border (EFN) fee  when selling to customers of other Amazon’s European marketplaces.
    See our fees


Pan-European FBA
  • Ship your inventory to a fulfilment centre and allow Amazon to distribute it throughout Amazon’s fulfilment centres in Europe based on anticipated demand1. Learn more

  • Customers in all 5 European marketplaces have fast delivery options for your products.

  • Only pay local fulfilment fee when selling in any of Amazon’s European marketplace. See our fees

Multi-Country Inventory

  • Choose the countries into which you ship and store your inventory, and fulfill orders from any Amazon’s European marketplace1. Learn more

  • Customers in the marketplaces for which you store your inventory locally have fast delivery options for your products. For customers on marketplaces for which you do not store your inventory locally, Amazon offers delivery of your products cross-border.

  • Pay local fulfilment fee when selling in the marketplaces for which you store your inventory locally, and cross border (EFN) fee when selling on other Amazon European marketplaces. See our fees

What sellers say about FBA

Reach millions of potential customers

Reach millions of international customers and let Amazon help you grow your international online sales. When you sign up on, your seller account is automatically enabled to allow you to sell on,, and

"  I never thought we would be selling our cookware to customers in places like Estonia, Finland and over 30 other countries worldwide. We are now even looking at the Australian market.  "

David Eggison, Colanders

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£25 (excl. VAT) per month

1Moving and storing inventory in an additional country will trigger additional VAT obligations and may trigger other reporting requirements such as Intrastat. You will be responsible for the collection and payment of your taxes as well as the filing of all relevant returns and invoicing.
While we are committed to helping sellers, we do not provide tax advisory or compliance services. Please contact a tax advisor if you have any questions. We have created a list of third-party tax advisors solely as a resource for our sellers. To learn more, see External Tax Advisors. Amazon does not endorse the services of any tax advisor. For more information on VAT, see our
Taxes & Regulations overview.