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If you want to take your business to the next level, you are probably thinking about expanding internationally. At Amazon, we have the tools to help you reach millions of customers all across Europe.

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Why sell in Europe?

  • Sell More

    Access to tens of millions of new customers with 1 Seller Account for the 5 European Marketplaces


  • Build Your Brand

    Introduce your brand to millions of European customers who visit Amazon every day


  • Be More Competitive

    Reduce business seasonality by taking advantage of different peak periods in other countries


  • What sellers say

    Amazon can help you expand internationally with tools and solutions for your business needs, like Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Learn from our sellers how they use FBA to sell across Europe and grow their business./p>

    Meet our sellers and learn their stories of success with Amazon and FBA:

How to Sell in Europe

To take your business to Europe, just follow 5 simple steps

  • 1

    Register for selling in Europe

  • 2

    Understand taxes and regulations

  • 3

    List your products

  • 4

    Expand your listings to all European marketplaces

  • 5

    Manage orders from European marketplaces

  • Registering on the marketplace is recommended for English speakers and that will become your home marketplace in Europe.

    If you want to register via another marketplace (in marketplace language), you can do so in German here, French here, Italian here or Spanish here.

    You only pay one monthly pro membership fee, but have access to all five marketplaces. Seller Central Europe is your interface to finalise your account settings, create your listings, view your orders and check on payments to your bank account.

    The five marketplaces are distinct in language, currency, product categories, and fees.

    You can switch between the marketplaces in Seller Central by using the marketplace switcher. With the language switcher you can change all pages in Seller Central to English

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  • Selling in Europe provides opportunities to reach many countries from a single account

    So it's important that you understand how the European Union applies Value Added Tax (VAT) to orders made online. For more information you can visit the European Tax Considerations page and the European Regulatory Consideration page. You can also review the tax webinars we did together with tax consultants.
    Finally, you will have to comply with the Amazon International Seller Rules.

    What sellers say
  • Now you only need to create your listings on, as that’s your home marketplace (unless you registered in another language).

    Choose one of the following methods, both links, will send you to Seller Central Europe, and you’ll need to log in:

    Add few products Add many products

    Be sure to comply with the European product compliance mentioned here.

  • The Build International Listings tool enables sellers with a PRO account to automatically create and manage offers across Amazon’s EU marketplaces and monitors exchange rates fluctuations to adjust pricing. Offers are created on the four other Amazon EU marketplaces, if the product details (ASINs) exist in the local language. If not changed by you, the tool constantly keeps your offers on all five EU marketplaces in sync – including the prices, inventory, stock levels and active/inactive status of your listings on your home marketplace.

    Build international listings

    If the ASINs are not yet on the target marketplaces, you need to get your unique products localised before offers can be created. Your options here are using our paid-for service Translate Your Products, to use an external translation service provider or to create ASINs on each marketplace yourself – either 1-by-1 or with local category files.

    Translate Your Products will translate title, description and key attributes into the local language and create the product detail page/ASIN on the marketplace.

    Translate your products
  • You can view and manage all orders from the five European marketplaces in Seller Central Europe.

    In the settings you need to define the bank account on which you want us to pay your proceeds. You can use a US bank account for proceeds from European marketplaces and we will exchange the Euro’s and British Pounds for you via the currency converter for sellers.

    Don’t forget to take care of reliable international shipment, customer support in local language, local returns address (eg via a provider) and to offer free international shipping for returns (learn more).


You can choose between 2 fulfilment methods: fulfil on your own or let Amazon take care of the logistics using Fulfilment by Amazon

  • 1. Fulfilment by Amazon

  • 2. Fulfil on your own

  • 1. Fulfilment by Amazon

    Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) offers you the following benefits

    • Stand Out of the Box

      FBA increases your chances to win the Buy Box and makes your product eligible for free delivery and Prime


    • Scale your Business

      FBA allows you to scale your business with no fix costs


    • Delight your Customers

      Reduce your delivery time and make your customers benefit from customer support in the local language and local return adresses


    When you choose FBA, you have access to 2 fulfilment methods to expand across Europe: EFN (European Fulfilment Network), the simple way to ship your products, or MCI (Multi-Country Inventory), the faster way to deliver your products. Learn more about these methods and FBA Export solutions here. Please also take a look at our obligations in the import/export process.

  • 2. Fulfil on your own

    When customers outside your country purchase your products on Amazon, one way to fulfil these orders is to ship them yourself internationally. You will need to consider the following:

    • Potentially longer international shipping times and to be transparent to the buyers at all times. You can define the country from which you ship, default shipping times and shipping cost in your seller account.


    • If your inventory is outside the EU consider the issues of exporting from your country and importing into the EU. Always keep in mind a good customer experience when you set up this process.


    • Customer support in local language and managing returns are part of your fulfilment tasks as well.


    • Amazon requires also a local address for returns (eg via a freight forwarder, if you are based outside the EU) . Alternatively you can offer to refund the international shipping cost to buyers that need to return their products to an international address.


Our Pricing plan

Benefit from a cost-effective and simple way to grow your business across borders

For international sellers that want to enjoy maximum value for volume sales

With the Professional Selling Plan, you enjoy maximum value, if your average sales volume is above 33 items per month. It’s ideal if you’re selling regularly online, and want to take advantage of the additional benefits, like automated international selling tools like Build International Listings, powerful reports, 1-click purchase or want to sell in additional categories requiring approval. It lets you sell on all five European marketplaces without additional subscription fee! You can downgrade to an individual selling plan at anytime.

The per-item fees as well as Fulfilment by Amazon fees can differ between the European marketplaces and are charged based on the marketplace, where each orders are placed. Learn more on the Sell on Amazon pricing and FBA pricing.

£25.00 a month

Start selling

  • Fulfilment by Amazon enabled
  • Sell in over 30 product categories
  • £25.00/month* subscription (cancel anytime) + per-item seller fees (by order marketplace)
  • Load & track inventory in bulk
  • Eligible for featured seller status

* Above subscription fee is VAT exclusive and for registration via – subscription fees can differ, if you register via another marketplaces as home marketplace.