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Untick, if you wish to sell on only.

£25 (excl. VAT) per month

Create Your International Listings

Check this box, if you want to sell your products on all five Amazon European marketplaces (,,, and and get access to millions of additional buyers. You can sell on all these marketplaces without additional subscription fees. After registration, you only need to create listings in your home marketplace and eligible listings will automatically be re-created in the remaining four marketplaces via our “Build international listings” tool. Please read up all the details on international selling here. We will also email them to you once you register.
If you do not check the "Sell on 5 European marketplaces" box now, you can still start selling internationally at any time. 

Untick, if you wish to sell on only.

Benefits of the Individual Selling Plan

  • You plan to only sell a few items occasionally (fewer than 35 items per month)

  • You only want to pay fees when you sell (no monthly subscription fee)

  • You don’t intend to sell in any of the following categories (reserved to the Professional Selling Plan): Beauty, Clothing, Grocery, Jewellery, Watches, Health & Personal Care, Personal Care Appliances

  • £0.75 + per-item seller fees (VAT-exclusive)

Pricing Summary1

Per-Item Fees for each product sold on £0.75
For Books, Music & Video
Referral Fee 15%
+ Variable Closing Fee from £0.14 to £1.322
For All Other Categories
Referral Fee From 7% to 45%
Or minimum Referral Fee of £0.40
See Pricing details >
1 Pricing is category dependent

Expand your business with Sell on Amazon and Fulfilment by Amazon

Businesses of all sizes can sell products on Amazon, one of the fastest ways to start selling products online. Also, you can add Fulfilment by Amazon to your Sell on Amazon account to increase your online sales with access to world class fulfilment resources.

Untick, if you wish to sell on only.

£25 (excl. VAT) per month

Make Money

Sell on Amazon will display your products to millions of potential new buyers. And if you use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) your offers will become more visible and competitive on Amazon. Learn More

Low cost, low risk

You can try selling on Amazon for free*: there are no listing fees** and you don't need to invest in building or maintaining your own website. Visit our pricing page for more information.

You will also have access to our pay-per-use logistics service (FBA) with no minimum inventory levels.

Sell throughout the EU

Sell your products in the 5 Amazon European marketplaces (,,, and You can also use FBA to fulfill orders across Marketplaces. Amazon will also take care of customer service in the local language and handle returns. Learn More

Security and fraud protection

Take advantage of Amazon’s security and fraud protection systems for you and your customers. Amazon’s world renowned shopping experience is trusted and convenient for millions of customers, making Amazon one of the most successful internet retailers for buying and selling online.

Save time and money

FBA saves you time and grows with you, so you can focus on your business. FBA offers a pay-per-use flexible model with no minimum inventory levels and scales with your business needs. Find out how cost effective FBA is for your business with the FBA Revenue Calculator or visit our pricing page.

Watch our videos and find out more about our combined solution

Untick, if you wish to sell on only.

£25 (excl. VAT) per month