Sell products with the Prime badge directly from your warehouse

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Grow your business with Seller Fulfilled Prime

Seller Fulfilled Prime is the fulfilment programme that allows you to deliver Prime products directly from your own warehouse. By displaying the Prime badge, you are committing to fulfil orders with One-Day Delivery at no additional charge for Prime customers.

After completing the Seller Fulfilled Prime trial period, your enrolled products will be shown with a Prime badge, increasing their visibility to the most loyal Amazon customers. Through this programme you ship your choice of products via Amazon-approved transportation solutions.

Enjoy these benefits with Seller Fulfilled Prime

Reach Amazon UK loyal customers

Reach the most loyal Amazon customers

With Seller Fulfilled Prime you can offer your products to our wide network of Prime members. By offering your products as Prime listings, Prime customers will be able to easily find your products as they use our on-site filters, giving your ASINs more visibility and discoverability.
Amazon Add to cart

Compete more effectively for the Buy Box

Your products listed with Seller Fulfilled Prime have increased chances to win the Buy Box. Winning the Buy Box means that when customers click on “Add to Basket”, their default option is to buy the product from you.
Amazon UK Prime customers FREE one-day delivery

Offer Guaranteed Delivery Date messaging

Seller Fulfilled Prime orders display FREE One-Day Delivery messaging to Prime customers, making them more likely to make multiple and repeat purchases.
Amazon UK 24/7 customer service

Benefit from Amazon’s 24/7 after-sale customer service.

Amazon will handle post-order customer service on your behalf, all at no additional cost to you. Customers can track orders, request refunds and submit returns through
Amazon UK today’s deals

Grow business with Lightning Deals

One of Amazon most visited pages is the “Today’s Deals” page that features a daily selection of discounted Prime products known as Lightening Deals. To get your products featured you first need to list your ASINs with the Prime badge. With Sellers Fulfilled Prime, you can earn the Prime badge, ship your orders from your own warehouse and start submitting your lightning deals.
Amazon UK manage your multiple channels

Manage your stock across multiple channels

Managing a diverse range of orders across multiple e-commerce channels can be complex. If you sell across different channels, Seller Fulfilled Prime is a good choice as it allows you to minimize out of stock situations by holding your inventory at your own warehouse.

What sellers say

Seller Fulfilled Prime - James, UK Testimonial
Seller Fulfilled Prime - Martin, UK Testimonial
“Our experience with Seller Fulfilled Prime has been very good, with sales having increased around 50% since last year. We already offered a next day service but can now do this with the Prime badge –a brilliant selling point for customers. We take a lot of pride in what we have done with FBA, but being able to hold products in our own warehouse, as well as Amazon’s fulfilment centres, gives us greater flexibility whilst getting more of our selection on Prime.”

Bells Shoes – James, UK
"We have 400,000 square feet of warehouse and so were hesitant to funnel additional costs into external fulfilment options. The main attraction of Seller Fulfilled Prime was the opportunity to offer our selection to Prime customers whilst fulfilling the orders ourselves. As a result, since joining the program our sales have nearly doubled. This is a wonderful, productive program that I would highly recommend.”

No1Brands4You – Martin, UK
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