List Prime products while leveraging your own fulfilment operations

Seller Fulfilled Prime

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How does Seller Fulfilled Prime work?

1. Qualify for Seller Fulfilled Prime and complete the trial period
2. Store inventory in your own warehouse
3. Process your orders and buy shipping labels from approved carriers.
4. Pick, pack and ship your orders same day.
5. Seller Fulfilled Prime carriers collect and deliver orders in one day to customers.

How to become eligible for Seller Fulfilled Prime?

In order to become eligible for Seller Fulfilled Prime in the UK you must:
  • Have a warehouse in the UK
  • Have an Amazon Professional seller account

What are the requirements for Seller Fulfilled Prime?

  • Ship over 99% of your orders on time
  • Have an order cancellation rate of less than 1%
  • Buy shipping labels through the Buy Delivery Services or the Amazon Shipping website
  • Deliver orders with our supported Seller Fulfilled Prime carriers
  • Seller must agree to the Amazon Returns Policy
  • Allow for all customer service enquiries to be dealt with by Amazon.

What is the trial period?

Before enrolling in Seller Fulfilled Prime, you must complete a trial period to show that you are able to meet the requirements for Prime fulfilment excellence and customer satisfaction. The Prime badge will not be displayed on items enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime during the trial period. Once you successfully complete the trial period, you will automatically be enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime and your enrolled ASINs will display the Prime badge to customers.

To complete the trial, you need to ship a minimum of 50 Prime orders with 100% on time shipping.

The trial period lasts between 5 and 90 days depending on when you satisfy the performance requirements. If you do not meet the above requirements within 90 days, the trial period will reset automatically and you can try again.

What is the cost of Seller Fulfilled Prime?

The cost of Seller Fulfilled Prime consists of the transportation fee of approved carriers and the marketplace fees of To learn more and find your rates, please register your interest and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.
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