Save time and money with VAT Services on Amazon

Service is currently invite-only

Features & Benefits

  VAT registration number included for FREE with your annual subscription

 ✔ File your VAT in just a few minutes per month

  €400 per year to file VAT returns for your Amazon channel transactions

  Simply add €100 per year to include your off Amazon channel transactions

  Subscribe per country for United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic

How it works

Setup account

Select the countries where you are required to be VAT registered and begin registration process (VAT number included for no additional charge).

Provide data

Your Amazon channel transactions are automatically processed into a single report. If you conduct additional business off of Amazon, simply provide this information (additional €100 processing fee applies).

Approve filings

You approve all filings with a single click. We partner with global tax solution provider Avalara to ensure complete accuracy.

Ready to make VAT easier?

Save money and time with VAT Services on Amazon

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